Kord 2R86 8.5 FiberGrow Round Mum Pan 50/Slv

Item #58-1090

FiberGrow nursery pots are available in a wide variety of sizes suitable for container grown stock. FiberGrow insulates roots from temperature fluctuations, breathes like clay, improves aeration and promotes a healthier root system. These natural looking, biodegradable FiberGrow pots are made with recycled paper are environmentally preferred and in demand by today's environmentally concerned consumers.
Built to last through the entire marketing chain, Built to take the abuse of field potting, transport, several handlings and a whole season in the retail center. Strong and Durable Stackable and crushproof, the root ball remains protected during the complete cycle. Promotes self-service merchandising Easy to handle and naturally attractive.

Capacity Max. Dry Cu. Inches 243 Max Liquid US 4.21 qt