ICL 23-4-8 Nursery Mix E-Max and Micros 8-9 Month 50 Lb E90250

Item #67-1567

A new coating chemistry offering greater flexibility to customize fertilizers to meet your exact growing needs. This technology is for use on a wide variety of nutrient components that are incorporated into ICL Specialty Fertilizers controlled release fertilizers. The overall value is the flexibility to customize nutrition solutions to match the specific needs of your crops, which helps to optimize your fertilizer investment.
E-Max is a reacted polymer coating that is applied to essential macro and micronutrients. Components coated with this new chemistry are produced to the same high Osmocote performance standards to ensure reliable, consistent and safe release.
1. The coating's thin weight allows for higher nutrient ratios.
2. The coating is strong and durable to assure dependable results.
3. Release mechanism is based on moisture and temperature. Offers predictable longevities even under extremely warm conditions.
Grower Benefits--
*Offers flexible nutrition solutions while still maintaining a sustainable growing program
*Safe, predictable results
*Enhanced blending and application
*No sulfur; less chance of driving down media pH
These nursery mixes are specially designed for general purpose outdoor production of nursery stock, foliage and in landscapes. They contain Osmocote coated N-P-K blended with coated urea nitrogen featuring E-Max Release Technology.

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