BotryStop 45% 6LB OMRI BIOWORKS EPA# 75747-2-68539

Item #71-1255

Active Ingredient: Ulocladium oudemansii (U3 Strain)
BotryStop is a WDG formulation fungicide based on a saprophytic fungus for the control of Botrytis and Sclerotinia spp. Foliar sprays can be applied on ornamentals in greenhouses and nurseries and many edible crops including certain vegetables, berries and tree fruits in field, high tunnel or greenhouse sites. Excellent plant safety but leaves some visible residue.
Foliar spray rates: 3 Tbls per gal or 3 lb per 100 gal. Requires constant agitation during application.
Check Bioworks website for fungicide compatibility information. Shelf Life: 12 months refrigerated (below 40ΓΈ but do not freeze), 7 days at room temperature.
0 day PHI, OMRI listed.
Not registered in all states as of 10/2/18.
Not registered in AK, HI.

*OMRI listed
*Not registered in AK, HI