ICL Water Analysis Kit {Prepaid}

Vendor: ICL WSF
Item #83-2560

Water Analysis Leads You to the Best Formulation

Water quality is the single most important factor in determining solubility and nutrient availability. That's why ICL Specialty Fertilizers is dedicated to providing accurate, affordable analysis through The ICL Specialty Fertilizers Testing Lab. The Lab provides easy-tounderstand reports that will enable you to match the best Peters formulations to your water's characteristics. Mapping more than two decades worth of water analyses provides an approximation of water quality across the country. However, it also reaffirms that water quality can vary greatly-even within a single county. Accurate testing is the only way to know exactly what your plants are getting from your water. Test results will indicate your ABC Water Type (1-4)TM that can be matched with a similar indicator which appears on the front of each bag of Peters Water Soluble Fertilizer.

Selecting a fertilizer based on this water type will ensure you experience the best results from your fertilizer program. Additionally ICL Specialty Fertilizers backs up the lab service with the support of experienced, local Territory Managers who can consult with you to further refine your fertilizer programs.

Please contact Griffin for more information.