Sunmaster 4YR 12 32' X 110' EVO2 Thermal/Clear

Item #SMTHM1232110E2

Another revolutionary product in the Sun Master line of greenhouse films is a 12 mil, 7-layer film (the first of its kind) called EVO2. This film is installed and locked down on the roof of the greenhouse as a single sheet and then separated into two 6 mil films, each with its own properties, by introducing air between the layers of the film. The separation-inflation process is performed with the inflation tubes of the greenhouse (no special equipment is necessary). Your covering will now be installed with one pass, in a much faster and safer way!
Furthermore, the new film will ensure 100% perfect and consistent roofs, with the same air space throughout, for maximum thermal qualities and energy savings.
The first Sun Master EVO2 films will utilize our Sun Master IV as the top layer and our Sun Master EVO AC (Thermal) as the bottom layer closest to the plants.
This product will be available in widths of 24', 28', 32', 36', 40' & 42'