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Lettuce & Herb Production 

Lettuce & Herb Production Workshop Growing for the future: How to go from flowers to food

Demand for more sustainable and local food production is driving a rapidly expanding market for greenhouse produced lettuce, leafy greens and herbs. Markets, restaurants and grocery stores are creating local and regional market growth. This growth brings opportunity to ornamental producers looking to revitalize, diversify or otherwise expand their businesses.

Shifting production space from flower to food requires changes in equipment and production practices. Spend an afternoon with our team of experts, including Griffin’s GGSPro technical team and our favorite industry pros, and learn how production of these crops differs from flowers.

You will leave the workshop with a practical understanding of how your production model will shift when introducing lettuce, leafy greens and herbs into your product assortment.

Educational Sessions

Flower vs. Food - What You Need to Know - Rick Yates, Griffin GGSPro Technical Team
Understand the big picture view regarding hydroponic production of lettuce, leafy greens and herbs, including static and recirculating systems, water quality, nutrient delivery and the most common production issues.

Using Inert Media in Hydroponic Production -Dr. Vijay Rapaka, Smithers-Oasis Co.
Learn how inert media behaves in hydroponic production, which products are best suited for which crops and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Successful Fertility Programs for Hydroponic Systems - Dr. Cari Peters, JR Peters, Inc.
Lettuce, leafy greens and herbs require lower fertility rates than some of your favorite flowers. These edible crops also have special nutrient needs. Learn which nutrients are most important and which formulations will provide the nutrition your crop needs.

Soft Chemistry Options for Pest Prevention and Control - John Francis, Bioworks, Inc.
There are fewer chemistry options available for use on food crops than on flowers. Learn about some of the top options for key pests, how to manage resistance using biopesticides and how to best apply these products.

Using BCAs in Hydroponic Crops - Gregory Bryant, Bioline AgroSciences
A handful of insect pests are common in hydroponic lettuce, leafy greens and herb production. Proper, preventative use of BCAs can help to keep these pests at bay and are especially useful when it comes to controlling fungus gnats and shoreflies. Learn strategies for these and other key insect pests.

Stopping Algae and Pathogens in Hydroponic Systems, - Dr. Vijay Choppakatla, BioSafe Systems
Nutrient rich water and strong light levels in hydroponic production mean that systems are susceptible to algae growth. Water can also be a medium of spread for plant and human health pathogens. Learn how some simple strategies and practices will reduce the presence of algae in the production space and reduce the risk from pathogen cross contamination.

Grower Panel - 
Our grower panel will share their experiences and answer your questions about growing lettuce, leafy greens and herbs.

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