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        from the ground up.

                                                              The recovering season is here. Griffin and Sun Master have plenty
                                                              of inventory of both greenhouse and overwinter film.
                                                              Greenhouse Film
                                                              The newest Sun Master film is EVO AC (Thermal film with permanent
                                                              AC). This product is available in widths from 12' up to 42'. For the
                                                              larger sizes of Thermal, we still have the product in widths of 48’,
                                                              50', and 56' with the standard AC additive.
                                                              We also have the delaminating film (EVO ) in widths of 24', 28', 32',
                                                              36', 40', and 42’. Be advised that Griffin is the only U.S. distributor
                                                              that can sell the EVO .
                                                              Overwinter Film
                                                              Our Sun Master Ultra Strong (2.4) has been a very popular product.
                                                              This film is as strong as the 3.0 and has been used in the Northeast
                                                              for the last four years.
                                                              Ground Cover
                                                              We have plenty of the Blue Line ground cover, especially the 15' 6"
                                                              that Griffin was promoting at the Expos.
                                                              As a reminder, this ground cover is the only ground cover with a
                                                              five-year warranty.
                                                              Griffin has started selling white ground cover. In the normal
                                                              application, this product helps cool the soil.
                                                              In addition, the product can be slit down to 3' widths. This is used
                                                              between the benches for light reflectance.

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