Page 27 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
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“Because it Works.”

              Growers from around the country were asked how the consistent and reliable performance of
              Osmocote  benefits their operation. Although the answers were wide ranging, growers agreed on
              one thing: they utilize Osmocote to gain business advantages, “Because it Works.”

             “We use Osmocote religiously        “Osmocote is simply the best              “This product has
               on petunias, hanging baskets    slow-release, all-purpose, ornamental      never let us down.
                  and custom planters.”              fertilizer on the market.”        I am a very happy customer.”
                         —                                   —                                   —
                     Donna Jones                       Thomas Belden                          Jay Huser
                Ray’s Quality Greenhouse         John Richmond Landscaping Inc.         Slyfork Valley Nursery Co.

           Tell us how Osmocote Works Hard for you, and qualify for a chance to WIN one of five gift cards valued from $50 to $250.

                  There is a Difference

              Growers have relied on Peters  water soluble fertilizers for decades. They have because
              only the finest components are selected for our formulations, and for the superior chelated
              micronutrients in our exclusive M-77 package. We don’t shop lower-grade raw ingredients or
              change suppliers to cut costs. The result is a level of consistency—from one formulation to
              the next—that is unmatched. In use, our uncompromising components won’t clog emitters or
              create precipitates in the stock tank, which improves operational efficiencies. No matter what
              you grow, Peters has the water soluble solution you need to succeed. There is a Difference.

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