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                              organic crops

         The increase in edible herbs and vegetable   is a naturally occurring bacteria (Bacillus   manufacturing methods are reviewed
         transplant production in the horticultural   pumilus  PTB180)  that  has  been  by organizations, such as OMRI  and
         industry has been very important in   isolated and cultured in our laboratory.   Québec  Vrai  (Canada),  to be  sure  all
         the last few years. There has been an   BIOFUNGICIDE naturally suppresses the   materials and products are in compliance
         increased demand for these transplants   root pathogens  Fusarium, Pythium and   with organic standards. These certifiers
         by homeowners, balcony gardeners   Rhizoctonia  to  reduce  the  incidence  of   have been operating for many years and
         and fine restaurants, with many having a   root diseases. This is important for organic   have high credibility in industry.
         preference for only organic grown crops.    growers that have few choices to control   Advantages of using PRO-MIX  MP
         People like the idea of having fresh   root pathogens. MYCORRHIZAE  is   BIOFUNGICIDE+MYCORRHIZAE
         herbs or fresh tomatoes at their door   also added and plays an important role   TM
         step and they are aware that growing   in accessing nutrients for plant roots by   ORGANIK  for certified organic
         their own vegetables and herbs provides   extending the root absorption area. This   plants
         fresh, healthier food than those bought   is very important in organic production   •  Compost is great in soil, but when
                                                                              added to growing media, it can reduce
         at the grocery store.  PRO-MIX  MP   because organic nutrients are not readily
         BIOFUNGICIDE+MYCORRHIZAE           available or easily absorbed by plants   air  space  and  cause  uneven  in  growth.
         ORGANIK  TM  has  been  developed  compared to traditional plant culture that   PRO-MIX  MP is ‘compost-free’ and
         for the professional grower of organic   uses synthetic water-soluble fertilizers. A   provides consistent growth with the basic
         transplants and all containerized plants.    benefit of both of these active ingredients   fertility derived from the food industry,
                                                                              without manure and risk of pathogens (ie:
         It is made with the same high-quality   is that they stay with the plant for life, so   e-coli).
         ingredients as products found in all    there is no need to re-apply.
         PRO-MIX    professional  products,                                   •  Some growers mix their own media,
         complies with organic standards and is   All  of  the  components ®  used  because they may believe that organic
         listed with the Organic Material Review   in  formulating  PRO-MIX  MP    products are generally not of good quality.
         Institute (OMRI ) for organic use.                                   PRO-MIX  MP has the same qualities
                                            ORGANIK  are approved for organic                                 ®
         MP is a Multi-Purpose growing medium   greenhouse  culture  and  farming.  and standards as other PRO-MIX
         that  is  formulated  with  long  fiber   Compared to plants grown in standard   products.  It  is  superior  in  composition
         horticultural grade Sphagnum peat moss,   PRO-MIX products, plants in PRO-MIX ®   and  performance  compared  to  grower
                                                                              prepared mixes and other commercial
         coir fiber and coarse horticultural grade   MP BIOFUNGICIDE+ MYCORRHIZAE
         perlite. The starter nutrient charge is a   ORGANIK  will have slightly slower   organic mixes.
         combination of Sustane and seaweed   initial growth, which is typical for organic   •  BIOFUNGICIDE reduces the incidence
         granules and pH is adjusted with   culture. However, plants will catch up   of root diseases caused by  Fusarium,
         limestone in a desirable range to suit the   and the grower should provide adequate   Pythium and Rhizoctonia.
         majority of herb and vegetable crops.    fertility.
         The surfactant (wetting agent) used in                               •  Controlling cultural stresses and
         this product is a yucca-based extract   Organic Approved             fertility:    Mycorrhizae  in  PRO-MIX   MP
         that provide saponins and that enhances   In order for products to be ‘certified   not only provides beneficial microbes,
         water penetration in growing media.  This   organic’ or listed as materials suitable   but  enhances  plant nutrient absorption,
                                            for organic agriculture/horticulture use,
         growing medium features two active                                   resistance to certain root diseases and
         ingredients; BIOFUNGICIDE prevents   independent authorities from non-profit   reduced cultural stresses.
         certain root diseases and MYCORRHIZA   organizations are mandated to review   Item # 94-1184 (2.8 cu ft loose)
         enhances plant growth. BIOFUNGICIDE   industry produce and products. For
                                            growing media, the ingredients and   Item # 65-2091 (3.8 cu ft comp)

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