Page 21 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
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“Alesco will allow for

             greater sell-thru and less

             shrink with higher quality

             colorful plants!”

            Alesco  significantly  reduces  petal  shatter  in  seed
            geraniums and prevents bud abortion, leaf yellowing,
            epinasty, and excessive stretching during shipping
            (especially in lobelia), and overall keeps flowers looking
            fresher longer. Alesco reduces flower meltdown
            and bud abortion in petunias which are entry points
            for botrytis. Alesco can increase shelf life by up to 3
            weeks depending on the variety and environmental
            conditions. It is especially useful to slow senescence
            on crops where the ship date has been delayed.    MORE BLOOMS, MORE SALES
            Some of the key, most ethylene sensitive crops to
            use Alesco on are seed and vegetative geraniums,
            petunias, and lobelia, however there are many other   Ensure top-quality plants throughout the chain. Commercial growers
            crops that Syngenta and Chrysal have trialed Alesco   produce high-quality plants, but quality can quickly decline during
            on and have found positive results. So far we have not   post harvest. Color on retail bench and high-quality plants drive
            seen any phytotoxicity when Alesco is used at the label   consumer purchases and sales. Shipping and retail conditions can
            rate. This is important to note so that if you want to   be harsh on plants leading to significant plant losses.
            treat a mixed container that has petunias and lobelia in   Chrysal Alesco is a post-harvest product to protect ethylene
            it, but also another species that may not be ethylene-  sensitive crops during shipping and retail. The product is applied as
            sensitive, Alesco is not likely to have a negative effect   foliar spray before shipping to avoid ethylene damage caused by:
            on that crop. Here are some other crops to try Alesco
            on: aquilegia, campanula, dahlia, dianthus, hibiscus,   •  External sources of ethylene
                                                              •  Transport stress
            marigold, pansy, rose, snapdragon, and viola. It is   •  Temperature fluctuations
            always important to trial a few plants before spraying
            your entire crop with a new product.              •  Dark storage
            The active ingredient in Alesco is silver nitrate that,   •  Reduces flower petal shatter, bud abortion, leaf yellowing and
            when combined with sodium thiosulfate, makes the    extends flower longevity.
            compound STS (silver thiosulfate), which is not a new
            chemistry to our industry. STS was previously used in   •  Increases retail shelf life up to 3 weeks depending on variety and
            the industry but the EPA made it illegal to mix your   environmental conditions
            own due to the heavy metal in the compound which   •  Highly effective on ethylene sensitive crops such as Campanula,
            needed to be regulated to make sure all precautions   Dahlia, Dianthus, Hibiscus, Impatiens, Lobelia, Pansy,
            were being taken to reduce environmental impacts.   Pelargonium, Petunia, Rose, Schlumbergera, and Viola.
            Alesco is registered in 30 states, and is safe and easy
            to use when the directions are followed and care taken   Currently registered in the following states:
            to avoid excess solution. Some other tips for mixing   1. California  8. Maryland  15. North Carolina  22. Tennessee
            and using Alesco – it’s easily mixed with water, no   2. Colorado  9. Michigan  16. Ohio      23. Texas
            wetting agent needed, do not spray plants in direct   3. Delaware  10. Minnesota   17. Oklahoma  24. Virginia
            sunlight, there is a 4-hour REI, spray solution can be   4. Florida  11. New Hampshire  18. Oregon  25. Vermont
            used for up to 3 days after mixing but don’t mix new   5. Georgia  12. New Jersey  19. Pennsylvania  26. Washington
            solution with old solution. Please always read and   6. Illinois  13. New Mexico  20. Rhode Island
            follow the label instructions.                    7. Maine      14. New York   21. South Carolina
            Alesco will allow for greater sell-thru and less shrink   Registration is expected soon in the following states:
            with higher quality colorful plants! We at Syngenta   Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Utah, Vermont
            Flowers and Chrysal hope that you will give it a try and     Item: 73-1160     Size: 200 ML     Price: $85.00
            give your plants the protection they need to tough it
            out during shipping.                              Call Griffin Customer Service to order: 800.659.4346
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