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                     Summertime Blues

                                                                      Entry Point for BCAs?

                                                                  Spider mites attacking roses. Photo credit: Bioline AgroSciences

                         By Rick Yates,    their crops from these 8-legged feeding   previous articles and is ready to assist
                         GGSPro Technical   machines. (In the interest of full disclosure,   growers on that path. This article will
                         Services Manager  newly hatched larvae have only 6 legs)   help to set a course for growers that are
                                           The reproductive rates of spider mites   contemplating whether or not a miticide
                         For some of us,   climbs right along with the thermometer   only approach to controlling spider mites
                         battling   spider  which serves to highlight any deficiencies   is the best way forward. So, what might
                         mites all summer   in our control efforts. Spider mites have a   a transition to biological control of spider
                         brings on a case of   well-deserved reputation for overcoming   mites look like at your growing operation?
                         the “Summertime   miticides through reduced sensitivity and
                         Blues”. The hot   increased resistance. Miticide programs   Scouting "Beating a dead horse" alert:
                         dry weather that   demand  careful  attention  to scouting for   Of course, you've have heard all of this
                         is typical across   early detection, rotating modes of action,   before, but there is a reason we keep
        so much of the country each summer   what life stage(s) each product controls   talking scouting up! Think of it this way:
        contributes to the difficulties that many   and up to date efficacy information.   your smart phone is only as good as the
        growers experience attempting to protect                              data it receives and displays. The data
                                           GGSPro has covered these topics in

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