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How does this translate to the retailing   (color) neatly stacked and consistently   long checkout lines  and  only one  or
            world? Here are some considerations to   signed with legible print draw the   two registers open will turn off many
            “flip” your store and keep your customers   consumer’s attention quickly.    customers. Besides minimal parking
            shopping and coming back for more.                                    spaces,  improvements  in  checkout  and
                                               Display lighting helps define textures and   processing must be a major focus with
            Cool Comfort                       colors while eliminating shadows inside   a solution.
            Air conditioning isn’t new to retail; it   deep shelf-wall gondolas and fixture
            just wasn’t a priority at most garden   cabinets. LED lighting has found its way   You may have noticed that Panera Bread
            centers. Simply put, though, comfortable   into mainstream retail in all of these areas   and McDonald’s have remodeled using
            temperatures  keep  customers  in  from bulb replacements for track lights to   self-service kiosks to expedite the ordering
            your store longer. If you can add air   accent light stick fixtures for placement   process. Kiosks have found homes near
            conditioning, it’s an advantage. If not, look   under shelves. Low heat, improved color,   the deli counter at the grocery store, too!
            to improve air movement. If you can keep   low energy consumption, higher lumens   Their logic is to lessen the perception
            a customer shopping just a bit longer,   (brightness), and long life of LED bulbs   of long lines while bringing their menus
            you can produce extra sales on even the   are important factors to consider when   closer and reducing eye fatigue.
            hottest days.                      choosing lighting options.
                                                                                  Selection Comfort
            New greenhouses (and new stores) are                                  Independent garden centers have a
            often constructed with higher ceilings to                             well-deserved reputation for expansive
            draw air away from the floor. More owners                             plant selections, customer service, and
            are now opting for roll-up sidewalls to                               a myriad of solutions for any gardener’s
            help foster air circulation throughout the                            problem. Having the space to provide
            selling zone.                                                         it all is another story. All retailers face
                                                                                  choices to maximize space, including the
            Where  older stores  don’t have interior                              box stores.
            height to offer, circulation fans and
            wider door openings are popular. Even                                 Consumers shop first by need. Follow
            the addition of 30-50% shade cloth can                                this simple formula for solution-based
            produce resounding results on lowering                                selling in all departments and categories:
            temperatures, not only keeping your                                   Shop by need, by brand, by delivery/
            customer around longer, but providing                                 type/size—in that order. Within these
            your plant material just enough relief from                           areas, you may choose a specific brand
            heat stress. Too high of a density of shade                           to promote. Building displays this way
            cloth might reduce sunlight adversely for                             helps you define an easier, confusion-free
            some crops. Rigid V-truss shade systems                               path to purchase for both shoppers and
            add  the  dimension  of  adding  height  to                           store associates.
            offer a level of color when displaying
            hanging baskets overhead.                                             At the chemical shelf, minimize duplicates
                                                                                  for consumers’ sake. Just as a pharmacist
            Visual Comfort                            Petitti’s Garden Center, North Canton, OH  has generic options to medicines, garden
            From the sterile and pristine white                                   centers have regional alternatives to harsh
            surfaces of the popular Apple stores to   Convenience Comfort         chemistry solutions for the customer:
            the  complexity  of  using  recycled  and   Another trend in new retailing is wide open   organics, all-natural, OMRI-listed.
            sustainable materials in retailers like Urban   space: The optimum distance between
            Outfitters and Anthropologie, consumers   gondolas and displays has increased   The solution-based formula also works
            crave the new shopping experience. It   by feet, not just inches! Consumers   outside in the nursery. A favorite example
            feels good on so many levels and appeals   appreciate the extra room; placing displays   of mine is to group roses by varietal type:
            to every generation.               too close together can make shoppers   heirloom, climber, grandiflora, floribunda,
                                                                                  miniature, shrub and hybrid tea. You can
                                               feel trapped and claustrophobic. To get a
            Take note of where checkout registers are   sense of how much space we’re talking   choose to group or segregate by brand:
            located in today’s retail footprint. They’ve   about, stretch both of your arms outward   David Austin and Knockout are examples.
            moved centrally into the store increasing   – that’s the minimum distance you’ll want   By grouping, you’ll increase sales by
            sightlines, reducing entrance congestion   between gondolas, self-standing displays,   need, by brand or by type through easy
            and prompting the customer to move   gift racks and the like. Similarly, aisle   identification. Some retailers showcase
            deeper into the store’s layout to shop.   widths have grown from 5-6 feet to the   large masses of a single “group by color”
            Examples of this in our  industry include   supermarket-sized highways of 6-8 feet!  to help guide customer preferences.
            vertical layers of colors, expanded visuals                           Pottery sales benefit from the “group by
            into perimeter walls, exceptional signage   Long checkout lines and processing times   color” display technique, too, as it’s the
            and complete selling categories.   tend to make lasting impressions, but not   number-one criteria by which consumers
                                               in a good way. Fast service is a common   shop for containers.
            Supermarkets continue to pave the way   expectation in our culture and if you read
            for changing the indoor experience. Their   virtually any restaurant review, service is   While we’ve reviewed many possibilities
            plan  drives store penetration from your   usually praised or condemned within the   to improve comfort in  your store, the
            very first steps. You immediately smell   first three sentences. Time is important    best comfort you might already offer
            the aromas and see the bright colors of   to everyone.                your customers is a warm smile, and a
            signage by way of huge perimeter wall                                 thank you.
            images. Vertical displays of produce   No matter how good your pricing is,
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