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        vol. 35 • Issue 3   |  2018

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                                                  By Fred Hulme, Ph.D., T&O Technical Service,
                                                  ICL Specialty Fertilizer
                                                  Water is critical to plant production. Not only are plants composed
                                                  of over 90% water by weight, but water maintains plant turgor and is
                                                  involved in virtually every physiological process including photosynthesis
                                                  and nutrient transport. In containers, water plays a central role in
                                                  delivering almost all production inputs to plant roots including fertilizers,
                                                  pesticides, PGRs and anything else mixed in the growing  media or
                                                  applied to container surfaces. Anything that disrupts water relations in a
                                                  container will wreak havoc on crop quality.
                                                  Some weather factors such as high heat, drought or heavy rains cannot
                                                  be controlled. One of the most impactful decisions a grower can make
                                                  to prudently manage water use is to select a high-quality growing media.
                                                  The physical structure of the media (total porosity, water and air holding
                                                  capacity) will determine the potential of a mix to hold the correct amount
        Cover Photo: Snackabelle Red Bell Pepper  of water and air while providing adequate drainage to optimize plant
                                                  growth. Once you settle on a growing media with consistent physical
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