Page 4 - Griffin Gazette Spring 2017
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Build your Game Plan

with these Sporticulture Planting Suggestions

 For your convenience, we’ve created the          Buffalo Bills              Carolina Panthers	
 following guide with variety recommendations
 for garden mums, as well as seed and             Royal Blue/Red/White       Black/Blue/White
 plug suggestions for pansy and viola. All
 recommendations are suited to the 19 CML         Mum Varieties*             Mum Varieties*
 (trade gallon) pots stocked by Griffin. (See pg  Aideen Red                 Bertha White
 3 for container item numbers.)                   Ashley Red                 Chelsey White
 Of course, your Griffin sales representative is  Bertha White               Jacqueline Pearl
 another resource to help you build a winning     Chelsey White
 fall program with Sporticulture.                 Jacqueline Pearl           Viola Plugs/Pot
                                                                             4 Penny Black (New for 2017-18)
Bonus Digital Content                             Pansy Plugs/Pot            2 Penny Blue
                                                  3 Delta Prem Dp Blue       1 Penny White
                                                  1 Delta Pure Red	
                                                  1 Delta Prem Pure White    Viola Seed Mix %
                                                                             55% Penny Black (New for 2017-18)
                                                  Pansy Seed Mix %           45% Penny Blue
                                                  70% Delta Prem Dp Blue     10% Penny White
                                                  20% Delta Pure Red
                                                  10% Delta Prem Pure White
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