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Phlox paniculata ‘Jeana’
Photo courtesy of North Creek Nurseries

By Carrie Wiles, Marketing Manager,      Native plants are the building blocks of a   impact their own landscapes can deliver
North Creek Nurseries                    complex web of life in the home garden.      to help the environment. Selecting plants
                                         They provide food and shelter for nature’s   that entice birds, bees and butterflies to
Native plants are in high demand and     beautiful creatures. By incorporating more   the garden is catching on. Plants used
popular with consumers right now, and    native plants into the landscape, consumers  for ecosystem services similarly provide
for good reason—they solve landscape     provide essential ecosystem services like    habitat but also are used for storm water
problems while looking great! Not only   helping to clean and slow water runoff.      remediation, filtration, cleaning and erosion
are native plants tough and durable,                                                  control. Native plants also provide food and
they’re resilient.                       Consumers are eager to do the right thing,   a safe place for wildlife to raise their young.
                                         and are beginning to understand the

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