Page 24 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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Welcome Back,

                                                             Old FrienD

                                                             Our favorite bedding plant for shade is finally back. Introducing
                                                             Imara XDR: the first commercial  Impatiens walleriana with
                                                             resistance to impatiens downy mildew (IDM).

                                                              •  Season-long color: Imara XDR powers through in the
                                                                landscape, flowering even through heavy natural
                                                                IDM pressure
                                                              •  Sell with confidence: Imara XDR has been extensively trialed
                                                                with results independently verified across North America
                                                                and Europe
                                                              •  A natural fit for many programs: Available now in six colors
                                                                and a mix, well-matched for vigor between the popular
                                                                Accent and Xtreme series
                                                              •  Griffin has early access to seed & plugs of this
          Bonus       Digital Content                           groundbreaking new series! Book your seed order via
                                                                Onliant today or try Imara XDR in plug form from these
                                                                vendors in the Griffin network:

        24   |   GRIFFIN GAZETTE 2018                        Top Image:  Imara Orange impatiens
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