Page 26 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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Sun  Master   Films

                                            By Sotiris Droulias, Marketing Manager, Agricultural Films Division, Plastika Kritis
                                            The Plastika Kritis Group supplies all the Sun Master  films to Griffin. We consist of 10
                                            companies with three film plants. We were established in 1970 and were the first in the
                                            world to provide 3-layer technology (1983) to the horticultural and agricultural markets.
                                            All our film factories focus on only one group of products: horticultural and agricultural
                                            films. Most of these are now 7-layer films.

                                            •  We have our headquarters in Greece, but we export to over 72 countries.
                                            •  We are vertically integrated and in addition to films, we produce the following:
                                                  -  All the additives, stabilizers and masterbatches needed for our film
                                                     production (in-house)
                                                  -  Produce all the energy we need from renewable sources—wind and solar

                                                  - We recycle used plastics to make things like piping

                                            OUR LATEST FILM PRODUCTS INCLUDE:
                                            The two products in our EVO Range:
                                            a. The Sun Master  EVO AC: A thermal, highly diffusing film with permanent AC
                                            b. The Sun Master  EVO2: This 12-mil film consists of two films extruded together.
                                             Sun Master  IV (4-year clear) as the top layer and Sun Master  EVO AC (thermal w/
                                             permanent AC) as the bottom layer. This product installs like a single sheet (only one
                                             pass) and performs like a tube, but, with one product as the top layer and another
                                             product as the bottom layer.
                                            c. New Silver OW film: Our silver OW range is here to change the way we think about
                                             shaded OW films. Contrary to the white films that are broadly used in the industry,
                                             the silver OW products do not block UV radiation from entering the covered area. So,
                                             while the shade factor would be the same as regular white film, the quality of light that
                                             comes through a silver film radically different. All this at no extra cost compared to
                                             the usual white films. The silver OW films will soon be available in all levels of shade,
                                             thicknesses and widths. The first 2.4mil, 70% silver shade OW film is already on it's
                                             way to the US. As with anything new, testing on various crops is advised.
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