Page 19 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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State            Status                       Notes
                                                           Allows licensed production of outdoor hemp, including CBD, seed
             Maine            Active
                                                           and fiber.
             Maryland         Regulations in development   Pilot research program authorized.
                                                           Licensed production of industrial hemp allowed under pilot research
             Massachusetts    Regulations in development
                                                           program, including CBD, seed, seed oil and fiber.
                                                           Production of industrial hemp limited to registered sites for state
             Michigan         Limited
                                                           colleges and universities.
                                                           Registered growers are allowed to produce hemp for CBD, seed,
             Minnesota        Active
                                                           seed oil and fiber. Greenhouse and outdoor production allowed.
                                                           Two production licenses for hemp allowed statewide. CBD
             Missouri         Limited
                                                           production allowed.
                                                           Active pilot program for licensed production for CBD, fiber, seed, and
             Montana          Active
                                                           seed oil.
                                                           Allows registered production in association with research programs at
             Nebraska         Limited
                                                           University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
                                                           Licensed production for CBD production (flower), seed and fiber.
             Nevada           Active
                                                           Allows greenhouse and field production.
                                                           Allows institutions of higher learning to cultivate hemp for research,
             New Hampshire    Limited
                                                           coordinated by state department of agriculture.
                                                           Licensed industrial hemp approved, but regulations not yet in place
             New Mexico       Regulations in development
                                                           to support production.
                                                           Licensed production for CBD extraction (flower), seed, greens, and
             New York         Active                       fiber via pilot program with Cornell University. Grant program in place
                                                           for financial support.
             North Carolina   Active                       Licensed production for CBD extraction (flower), seed and fiber.
             North Dakota     Active                       Licensed production for seed and fiber only.
                                                           Research-based, pilot program licenses hemp production in field
             Oklahoma         Active
                                                           and greenhouse.
                                                           Commercial hemp production for CBD, seed and fiber allowed.
             Oregon           Active
                                                           Hemp production regulations under revision.
                                                           Permits for production under pilot program regulations; includes
             Pennsylvania     Active
                                                           CBD, seed and fiber production.
                              Regulations released,        Recent release of regulations for licensed production under pilot
             Rhode Island
                              application form pending     program. CBD production included.
             South Carolina   Active                       Licenses issued in limited quantity under pilot program.
                                                           Licensed production for CBD extraction (flower), seed, seed oil
             Tennessee        Active
                                                           and fiber.
                                                           Approved licensed production for CBD (flower), seed, seed oil and
             Utah             Regulations in development
                                                           fiber under pilot program.
                                                           State law permits commercial hemp production by registered
             Vermont          Active
                                                           growers under a pilot program. Food, fiber and oil included.
                                                           Two pilot programs for registered production of hemp, one with
             Virginia         Active                       higher education institutions and one with the state department of
                                                           ag. Registration for fiber and seed only; no CBD production.
                                                           Licensed production for seed and fiber; no CBD flower
             Washington       Active
                                                           production allowed.
             West Virginia    Active                       Licensed production under research pilot program.
                                                           Licensed production under research-based pilot program. Includes
             Wisconsin        Active
                                                           CBD, seed, seed oil and fiber.
                                                           Licensed hemp production under research-based pilot program
             Wyoming          Regulations in development   approved. Regulations and application process expected in
                                                           early 2019.
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