Page 18 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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Industrial hemp programs and regulations vary
                                                                 by state. The information below is provided as
                                                                 an overview of program status for states that are
                                                                 supporting production of hemp as of September
                                                                 30, 2018. Federal law currently prohibits
        Rules                                                    production of all forms of cannabis, including
                                                                 hemp. Individuals interested in growing hemp
        State by State                                           retain legal services to ensure full understanding.
                                                                 should contact their state regulating body and

         State            Status                       Notes

                                                       State bill supporting industrial hemp production passed.
         Alabama          Regulations in development   Research-based pilot program development in progress; focus
                                                       on universities.
                                                       Pilot program in development. FAQ language supports registration
         Alaska           Regulations in development   path for individuals and production of CBD, seed, seed oil and
                                                       fiber crops.
         Arizona          Regulations in development   Program in development; expected program launch in August 2019.
                                                       Accepting grower applications for research pilot program; including
         Arkansas         Active
                                                       CBD production. Greenhouse and field supported.
                                                       Program in development; hemp limited to seed, seed oil and fiber (no
         California       In development
                                                       hemp grown for CBD).
                                                       Licensed production of hemp managed by state department of
         Colorado         Active                       agriculture. Production for flower (including CBD), seed, seed oil and
                                                       fiber allowed.
                                                       Pilot program approved by state legislature in 2017. No active
         Connecticut      Regulations due
                                                       production; regulations due.
                                                       Bill passed to allow forward progress for industrial hemp production.
         Delaware         Program under development
                                                       No regulations or program currently in place.
                                                       Pilot programs authorized at specific universities in partnership with
         Florida          University production only
                                                       public, non-profit and private entities.
                                                       Industrial hemp pilot program starting with seed and fiber;
         Hawaii           Active
                                                       CBD anticipated.
                                                       Recent bill passed to remove state restrictions for industrial hemp.
         Illinois         Program under development
                                                       Regulations to be developed.
                                                       Single research location with industrial hemp in production
         Indiana          Limited                      (associated with Purdue University). No legislation yet in place to
                                                       support additional production, though it is anticipated.
         Kansas           Regulations in development   Pilot program regulations anticipated by December 31, 2018.
                                                       Licensed production for CBD extraction (flower), seed and fiber under
         Kentucky         Active
                                                       research-based pilot program.

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