Page 14 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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What’s in a


                                                                             By Wendy Oswald, Procurement
                                                                             Specialist; and Jeanne Svob, Seed
                                                                             Business Manager
                                                                             Hybrids are the result of crossing of
                                                                             two distinct parent lines,  yielding a  first-
                                                                             generation (F1) offspring with qualities
                                                                             from both parents. It’s important to note:
                                                                             Hybrids are not GMOs. Professional
                                                                             breeders work with genetics in their
                                                                             breeding lines that bring desirable
                                                                             characteristics to their offspring. These
                                                                             characteristics include but are not
                                                                             limited to:
                                                                              •  Disease resistance
                                                                              •  High yields
                                                                              •  Heat or cold tolerance, depending
                                                                                upon regional need
                                                                              •  Fruit size
                                                                              •  Fruit shape
                                                                              •  Texture
                                                                              •  Color
                                                                              •  Plant habit for easy harvest or space
                                                                                saving and container performance
                                                                              •  Foliage cover to reduce sunscald
                                                                              •  Last, but definitely not least, flavor

                                                                            Image: Heirloom Marriage Genuwine
                                                                            tomato from PanAmerican Seed

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