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By Dennis Meisch, Green Goods      Mix up your poinsettia program with the
            Assistant Business Manager         fresh lime-green of Candy Wintergreen.
                                               Plants have an 8-8.5 week response.
            The biggest news in the poinsettia   Bract color is most vivid when finished
            world, of course, is the new alliance   under low-light conditions.
            between  Syngenta   Flowers  and
            Beekenkamp  Plants. Beginning with   Robyn Red is a rockin’ new variety from
            the 2019 season, poinsettias from both   the Beekenkamp program. Plants have
            breeding companies will be produced   a grower-friendly habit – compact and
            and managed at the Syngenta farm    v-shaped – with a 7-week response.
            in Mexico.                         It's rich red bracts are contrasted by
                                               deep green foliage. Robyn Red shows
            This one-farm approach, announced in   good heat tolerance and adapts well to
            July, offers several advantages to growers   container sizes from 2½- to 10-inch.
            including more consistent cutting quality
            and more efficient shipping. Filling a box   All Syngenta Flowers and Beekenkamp
            with a well-rounded assortment just got   poinsettias will be available as unrooted
            that much easier.                  (URC) and callused (CC) cuttings from
                                               the farm, or rooted cuttings from your
            Between the two partners, we have three   favorite local root & sell grower.
            new poinsettia varieties to look forward
            to this season:                    As of press time, Dümmen Orange
                                               is  currently  reviewing  their  breeding
            Want  some  Candy?  Candy is  a  new
            poinsettia family from Syngenta, perfect   program to bring you top-notch
            for  mid-sized  containers  and  timed  to   poinsettias. Stay tuned for their new
            fit the mid-season sales window. The   poinsettia catalog,  and  keep an  eye
            Candy family debuts with two colors:   out for their new varieties at various
            Cinnamon and Wintergreen.          poinsettia open houses in November
                                               and December.                         Top Image: Candy Cinnamon poinsettia from
            Candy Cinnamon is a spicy novelty color,   In the meantime, be sure to reach out   Syngenta Flowers
            with a habit that’s a bit more vigorous   to your local Griffin sales representative   Bottom Image: Candy Wintergreen poinsettia
            and upright than Syngenta’s Cinnamon   to review the best options for your 2019   from Syngenta Flowers
            Star. Growers can expect an 8-week   poinsettia programs. Spring will be here
            response time.
                                               before we know it!

                                                                                    Bonus      Digital Content

            Top Image: Robyn Red poinsettia from Beekenkamp
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