Page 9 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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Katie White from Syngenta Flowers:   Veronica Dark Pink from Syngenta Flowers:   Hailey Gold from Syngenta Flowers:
            Early natural-season flowering with moderate   Subtly two-toned flowers are displayed on   Moderately vigorous variety well-matched to
            vigor. Flowers are smaller but with more   medium-strong vigorous plants  Hailey Orange, with richly two-toned flowers
            traditional form than Bertha White

            Hailey Red Bronze from Syngenta Flowers:   Cynthia Scarlet from Syngenta Flowers:    Lano Purple from Gediflora:
            Well-matched to Hailey Orange with the same   This late natural-season bloomer replaces Emelda   Moderately vigorous with late September
            moderate vigor                    Red, with improved vigor and more traditional   flowering for Northern growers, early October
                                              flower form                       timing in the South

            Como Red from Gediflora:          Peroni Orange from Gediflora:
            Moderately vigorous plants flower with late   Timed for mid-September in the North, late
            September timing in the North and early October   September in the South, with medium vigor
            timing in the South

            Arluno Family from Gediflora:     Fonti Family from Gediflora:      Aduro Family from Gediflora:
            Five-color family includes Orange (shown), Pink,   Among the earliest flowering Belgian mums!   Bicolor family of Pink (shown), Purple and Orange,
            Purple, Vanilla and Yellow, moderately vigorous   Northern growers will see color starting in late   perfect for blackcloth production with moderate vigor
            and timed to flower in mid-September before the   August. Four colors: Orange, Pink, White (shown)
            Padre family                      and Yellow
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