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         the Seeds of Success

            Image Caption |  Heirloom Marriage Marzinera tomato from PanAmerican Seed

            By Wendy Oswald, Procurement Specialist; and Jeanne Svob, Seed
            Business Manager

            Seasoned and novice gardeners alike are rediscovering the home vegetable
            garden, led by healthier eating habits and wanting to know more about
            where their food comes from. However, that home garden may not look like
            it did 40 years ago.
            Today’s  vegetable  gardens  come  in  varying  shapes  and  sizes,  from
            backyards to balconies. You might also find a pepper, tomato or cucumber
            plant mixed into a landscape bed or combo planter.

            Today’s gardeners are just as diverse, ranging from serious to casual. One
            thing they all have in common, though, is the desire to be successful – to
            experience the literal fruits of their labor. It’s our job as growers and retailers
            to make that happen, so they’ll come back and do it again. And maybe next
            time, they’ll do it bigger.
            Gardening success begins with variety selection. While heirloom vegetables
            come with an air of nostalgia and romance, and flavors that remind us of
            grandma’s garden, for many busy gardeners, a modern hybrid is a better
            choice. Using hybrids helps growers, too!
            To illustrate what we mean, let’s focus on tomatoes and peppers. In recent
            years, we’ve become more aware of pathogens that can be carried on
            tomato and pepper seeds. In the right conditions, these pathogens can
            become active, infecting a crop in the greenhouse, fresh market and/or
            home garden.

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