Page 15 - Griffin Gazette Issue 3 - 2018
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Snackabelle Red pepper from PanAmerican Seed

                                               Early  hybrid  tomatoes  and  peppers  gained  a  bad  reputation  for  being  flavorless.
                                               Accused of selecting for durability in shipping and shelf-life, commercial vegetable
                                               breeders were not embraced by the home garden community. Vegetable breeding has
                                               advanced significantly in recent years, though the old perception is tough to shake.
                                               Today, hybrid vegetable breeders are breeding for many markets including fresh market,
                                               home garden and controlled-environment agriculture. In all of those segments, flavor is
                                               a key selection criteria. You can trust the hybrids that make it to your greenhouse are
                                               flavorful. In fact, they offer all the flavor of OP or heirloom classics, along with improved
                                               disease resistance, better yields and more.
                                               Try these hybrids to replace OP pepper or tomato varieties in your next vegetable program:

                                               Pepper  | OP Variety             F1 Hybrid Counterpart

                                               California Wonder                Colossal
                                               California Wonder Yellow         Admiral
                                               Cayenne Long Slim                Dragon Cayenne
                                               Habanero Red                     Habanero Primero Red
                                               Hot Banana                       Hot Sunset
                                               Hungarian Hot                    Geronimo
                                               Jalapeno                         Compadre
                                               Pimento                          Pimento Elite
             Homeslice tomato from PanAmerican Seed
                                               Poblano                          Ancho Sanchez
                                               Serrano                          Sandoval
                                               Sweet Banana                     Lola, Sweet Sunset or Pageant

                                               Tomato  | OP Variety             F1 Hybrid Counterpart
                                               Beefsteak                        Big Beef or Summerpick
                                               Brandywine                       Heirloom Marriage Big Brandy
                                               Cherokee Purple                  Heirloom Marriage Cherokee Carbon
                                               Golden Jubilee                   Carolina Gold
                                               Moby Grape                       Sweet Zen
                                               Roma                             Daytona or Heirloom Marriage Marzinera
             Super Chili pepper from Seminis   Rutgers                          Burpee Big Boy

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