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        vol. 36 • Issue 1   |  2019
                                                                   The 2019 BASF Spring Grower Event

                                                   In-season savings: Up to 8% off on the products you need
        Toll-Free Order Line
        1.800.659.4346                             The BASF Spring Grower Event is back, with in-season savings on top products
        General Inquiries                          for ornamental growers. Take advantage of special promotional pricing on the
        1.800.888.0054                             solutions you need, now through - April 30, 2019. Terms Code: 5Z
        Aurora, CO                                 Call Customer Service to order: 800.659.4346
        Cheshire, CT
        Stafford Springs, CT
        Ball Ground, GA
        Tewksbury, MA
        Gray, ME
        Bridgeton, NJ
        Ewing, NJ
        Auburn, NY
        Brookhaven, NY
        Schenectady, NY
        Salem, OR
        Morgantown, PA
        Knoxville, TN
        Richmond, VA

        General Inquiries
        Lisle, IL
        Morgantown, PA

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       Cover Photo: Candy Showers Rose
       snapdragon from Sakata

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