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Midnight Marvel hardy hibiscus
            Midnight Marvel is a true all-star, inheriting the best from its well-known parents: rich purple, maple-like foliage from Perfect Storm and intense
            scarlet, 8-9 inch flowers from Cranberry Crush, with a just-right habit that falls nicely between the two. (photo credit: Walters Gardens)

            Hush Puppy Pennisetum                              Matrix Yellow Purple Wing pansy
            Long-lasting pink plumes rise high above the fine foliage of new   Another new addition to the large-flowered Matrix series, Yellow
            Hush Puppy. This sterile tetraploid keeps the flowers coming   Purple Wing pops with a cheery yellow face and regal purple cap.
            without the concern for rogue seedlings. (photo credit: Emerald   (photo credit: PanAmerican Seed)
            Coast Growers)

           Holy Grail hardy hibiscus                           Sorbet Rose Wing viola
           New to the Proven Winners hibiscus lineup, this is not your   Growers of the popular Sorbet series now have a deeper pink option
           grandmother’s hibiscus! Holy Grail has deep red flowers spanning   for fall sales: introducing Rose Wing. Rose Wing shows off a “jump-up”
           8-9 inches across. The oval-shaped foliage is nearly black on plants   look with a crisp white face capped by deep pink to rose. Flower color is
           that reach heights of 4-4½ feet. The result is something truly   more intense in warm production than Pink Wing, and even richer when
           special.  (photo credit: Walters Gardens)           grown cool. (photo credit: PanAmerican Seed)
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