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                                                                                       | the quest for
                                                    B E HIND  T HE  LA B EL

                                                   made products

          By John Johnston, Retail Education Manager   EARLY USA ROOTS
          This    article  is   about    the         Did you know that one of the oldest garden
          undercurrent of consumers and              industry companies  is Espoma, which began
          retailers voicing their need for           production in 1929 in Millville, NJ? While
          American made products. With               developing a proprietary fertilizer for hollies and
          a country looking to re-energize           acid loving plants called Holly-tone, they have
          itself, there are many long-time           expanded their product selections to cover
          manufacturers touting their home           almost any plant nutritional need. What you
          roots that you may have overlooked.        don’t see beyond the products is a state-of-the-
          As spring approaches, it may be time       art manufacturing plant that exudes technology,
          to consider identifying some of these      conservation, recycling, solar energy, and total
          manufacturers in your store. By            automation. Espoma is the largest manufacturer
          raising awareness, it will stimulate       of organic lawn and garden fertilizers in the US.
          more sales. Here are a few of those        The home office and production facilities are
          prominent USA vendors that have a          worthy of a visit, if near by. There’s a lot of great
          lot more behind the pretty label and       things happening behind that Espoma logo.
          package on your shelves.

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