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                                   OF THE YEAR MIGHT BE? HERE IS A

                                      QUICK CHART FOR RECENT AND

                                          A FEW FUTURE, ‘YEAR OF’S.

                                                              Perennial of the Year, Perennial Plant Association
                                                              Variety                                  Year
                                                              Aralia cordata 'Sun King'                2020
                                                              Calamintha nepeta subsp. nepeta          2021
                                                              Become a PPA member to be in the know    2022

                                                              Hosta of the Year, American Hosta Growers
                                                              Variety                                  Year
                                                              'Dancing Queen'                          2020
                                                              'Rainbow's End'                          2021

                                                              National Garden Bureau
                                                              Variety                                  Year
                                                              Year of the Iris                         2020
                                                              Year of the Lavender                     2020
                                                              Year of the Hardy Hibiscus               2021
                                                              Year of the Monarda                      2021

                                                              Proven Winners  Perennial of the Year
                                                              Variety                                  Year
                                                              Perovskia a. 'Denim 'n Lace'             2020
            CALAMINTHA NEPETA                                 Nepeta 'Cat's Pajamas'                   2021
            SUBSP. NEPETA                                     Dianthus 'Paint the Town Magenta'        2022
            The Perennial Plant Association has named         Heuchera Dolce   'Wildberry'             2023
            this as Perennial Plant of the Year for 2021.
            Beloved by pollinators and landscape              Proven Winners Hosta of the Year
            designers, this floriferous Calamintha will       Variety                                  Year
            have your benches and customers buzzing.
            From early Summer until fall frost, the tiny      Hosta Shadowland  Collection 'Coast to Coast'  2020
            white flowers just keep coming. Photo             Hosta Shadowland  Collection 'Wheee!'    2021
            courtesy of Walter's Gardens.                     Hosta Shadowland   Collection 'Diamond Lake'    2022
                                                              Hosta Shadowland  Collection 'Empress Wu'   2023

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