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                           ‘LEMON SQUEEZE’                          Following on the heels of Clematis ‘Stand by Me’ is a
                 The chartreuse-gold leaves don’t deter the vigor or   lavender form of Clematis recta. While still benefiting from
                  cause any burning on this new variety. Copper    some support, whether another plant or trellising, these
                  panicles appear in midsummer and add to the      Clematis don’t have to be regulated to the back of the
                  continued seasonal interest of this new variety.    border. With bell-shaped, nodding flowers on a shorter
                      Photo courtesy of Walter's Gardens.           stature plant, this clematis could take center stage.
                                                                          Photo courtesy of Walter's Gardens.

                                                                    MONARDA ‘PARDON MY ROSE’ AND
                                                                         ‘PARDON MY LAVENDER II’
                      LAVENDER ‘SENSATIONAL!’                     The National Garden Bureau has selected 2021 to be the
                 Lloyd Traven from Peace Tree Farm follows up his   Year of the Monarda, and in recent years there has been
                 success with Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ with another   many new introductions. Monarda no longer is only for the
                    hardy Lavender that is ‘Sensational!’. Large,    back of the border. Consider two of the new additions
                   thick flowers on top of sturdy stems with lovely    to the ‘Pardon My’ series from Walters Gardens.
                     silver foliage and great branching habit.       Photos - Lavender shown left, Rose shown right.
                      Photo courtesy of Peace Tree Farms.                Photos courtesy of Walter's Gardens.

                 IRIS VERSICOLOR ‘PURPLE FLAME’                           GERANIUM ‘CLOUD NINE’

               Great iris for wet areas. Foliage starts out purple, turning   With duck-egg blue to purple, fully double flowers up to 2”
               green, followed by blue flowers for multi-season interest.   wide, your customers will want to find some room in their
                   Found by a staff gardener at the Mt. Cuba and    gardens for this cranesbill. This variety in mild areas can
                  has done well in trials at the Mt. Cuba Center and    flower on and off from May to September. Hardy zones
                    North Creek Nursery. Hardy in zones 2 – 7.          5-9.  Photos courtesy of Creek Hill Nursery.
                       Photos courtesy of Mt. Cuba Center.

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