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                                    SUGGESTIONS FOR PERKING UP YOUR PERENNIAL
                                               SALES FOR 2O21 AND BEYOND

                                          By Beth Engle, Green Goods Assistant Business Manager
                             Now is the right time to consider filling or backfilling your perennial benches for 2021, 2022
                             and beyond.  We expect that many of 2020’s new gardeners will be back for more in 2021,
                              and this is creating a greater demand for perennials and other plants. We encourage you
                              to book early – especially the new plants where first-year demand can out-pace supply.
                                   Might I suggest a few options for additional perennials for 2021 and beyond?

                                     HIBISCUS SUMMERIFIC  ‘EDGE OF NIGHT’
                                     The National Garden Bureau has named 2021 the Year of the Hardy Hibiscus, so you
                                     may want to promote and expand your offering. Plan on booking early this Proven
                                     Winner variety for your 2022 benches!  The jet-black foliage contrasts well with the
                                     large pink flowers with overlapping petals. Photo courtesy of Walter's Gardens.
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