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By Mark Gross, Account Manager, PanAmerican Seed              Plug & Play Perennial Paris in Springtime
With the popularity of mixed annual containers over
the last few years, it was only a matter of time until
the success of that gardening segment was applied
to perennial combos. However, with the uniqueness
and flower timing of perennials versus annuals,
PanAmerican Seed knew that a lot of work would be
needed if they were to match the flower power and
retail “wow” factor of an annual combo container.
The perennial combo idea, and subsequent trialing
work to bring the concept to market, began roughly
four years ago at the PanAmerican Seed research
facility in Elburn, Ill., as well as the Kieft Seed research
facility in Venhuizen, The Netherlands. Each variety
that’s considered for the Plug & Play Perennial combo
program is first evaluated in outdoor summer container
trials; potential components are assessed for habit,
vigor, flowering window and overall appeal. The
candidate varieties are subject to intense scrutiny, and
each cultivar is judged on its own merit. Meticulous
notes are kept; this information is vital to selecting the
individual ingredients for each perennial combo recipe.

Let the Griffin team know if you’re ordering                  Thanks to the high-quality, cost-effective seed inputs
Plug & Play Perennial components in plug                      and programmable finish times, growers are in
form. They can relay the message to your                      complete control of when to sow, grow and ship to hit
plug vendor, to ensure the sowings for                        specific store set dates. Combo recipes and culture
your order are timed correctly.                               support complete the package.
                                                              Good for retailers: Big shelf appeal = big sales
Each combo’s key to success is that the components            The Plug & Play Perennial lineup includes options that
will all come into flower at the same time, from the same     range from late spring through summer and fall sales,
transplant date—even if each requires a different sow         letting garden centers offer a perennial combo for their
date. In fact, if you’re ordering Plug & Play Perennial       entire selling season. All of them showcase on-trend
components in plug form, be sure to let your Griffin          colors, elegant textures and varieties that consumers
sales representative or customer service representative       know. Perennial Plug & Play combos are the perfect
know. The Griffin team can relay the message to your          magnet to attract repeat shoppers.
plug vendor, to ensure the plug sizes are accurate and        Good for today’s shopper: Easy, grab ’n go
the sowings for your order are timed correctly.               gardens in choices for spring, summer and fall
Of course, visual appeal is critically important. Only        The balanced, attractive Plug & Play Perennial combos
first-year flowering, mid-season perennials are               available will enhance every shopper’s décor—from
considered for use in the Plug & Play Perennial combo         subtle color groupings, to bold and explosive color and
collection.                                                   texture mixes. The common theme that runs across
Once all internal trailing is finalized, every potential      them all is lots of instant, long-lasting, multi-color
introduction heads out to a commercial greenhouse             blooms; easy garden care; and satisfying, season-long
and to real-life gardens, in multiple regions across          results.
North America, for further trialing. The result is the        The Plug & Play Perennial combo program is only
assurance that every one of the nine-plus Plug & Play         one part of the entire Plug & Play assortment.
Perennial combos available today is proven to deliver         PanAmerican Seed raised the curtain on its full Plug
unstoppable performance from the grower’s bench to            & Play combo program at the Cultivate 2016 show to
the retail store to the consumer’s garden.                    wide acclaim. The lineup includes Value, Better and
Good for growers: Easy, economical production                 Premium assortments grown from Fuseables precision
Each Plug & Play Perennial combo is created with              multi-pellets, as well as a wide array of trialed and
best-in-class seed perennials from PanAmerican                proven recipes for combos created with annuals and
Seed and Kieft Seed. Several of the recipes include           perennials.
known-by-name varieties like Early Sunrise coreopsis          Plug & Play combo inputs are available now from Griffin.
and Ellagance Deep Purple lavender, plus assorted All-        For product assortment and growing information, visit
America Selections perennials like ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and then contact your
and PowWow Wild Berry Echinacea.                              Griffin sales representative to place your order.

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