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Set yourself apart in the mixed combo market with Plug & Play               PLEASE NOTE: All individual varieties are sold separately.
Perennial combos from PanAmerican Seed. These all-perennial                 IMPORTANT: All varieties in each Plug & Play Perennial combo
combos are perfectly suited to summer and fall sales. Plug &                must be transplanted at the same time in order to finish at the
Play Perennial combos feature first-year flowering, mid-season              same time. Sow times will vary.
varieties.                                                                  PanAmerican Seed currently offers more than nine Plug & Play
All Plug & Play Perennial combos are thoroughly trialed at multiple         Perennial combo recipes. Here are two that are great for growers
locations across North America. Each combo is evaluated for habit,          looking to try the program for the first time.
vigor, flowering window and overall appeal. Growers, retailers and
consumers can be assured of outstanding performance every
step of the way. Plug & Play Perennial combos command premium
prices with their elegant look and rich texture.

                                                                            Roman Holiday

                                                                            Varieties: Mesa Bright Bicolor and Mesa Yellow gaillardia, and
                                                                            Sirocco anemanthele. Full-sun combo as shown is finished in a
                                                                            10- to 12-inch container.


Variety                                  Multi-Sown      Plug/Liner Timing  Plug/Liner Sizes  Transplant to  Plant Height          USDA
                                              Plug              (Weeks)                        First Flower                Hardiness Zones
                                                                                   128-72                        11-13"
A Mesa Bright Bicolor gaillardia         Yes                       6-7             128-72        (Weeks)         11-13"             5-10
                                                                   6-7                                           12-14"             5-10
B Mesa Yellow gaillardia*                Yes                       7-8                72            11-13                           7-11

C Sirocco anemanthele                    1 multi-pellet                                             11-13


*All-America Selections National Winner

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