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Product listing          Type      PPF (µmol/s)  Efficiency                        Best for1  Notes
(in alphabetical order)  LED            2200      (µmol/J)                             W
GS Thermal GST1000                                                                            Programmable spectrum and
series                   LED          862-1011        2.2                            G, W     intensity, liquid cooled
Heliospectra LX60                                                                             Programmable spectrum and
                                                    Varies                            P, T    intensity, fan cooled
                                                                                              Fixed spectrum, passive or liquid
Heliospectra V71           LED      110-145        1.5                               G, W     cooled
LightBar                   LED     862-1011      Varies                              G, W     Fixed spectrum, fan cooled
Heliospectra E60           HPS                                                       G, W     USB interface
PARsource Phantom DE       LED        1793         1.7                                        Fixed spectrum, passive cooling
P.L. Light Systems         LED         860         2.7
HortiLED Top               LED       80-225      2.0-2.5                           P, T Fixed/custom spectrum, passive
P.L. Light Systems         HPS         125         2.6                                          cooling
HortiLED Multi             HPS        2100         2.1
P.L. Light Systems         HPS        2100         2.1                              H Fixed spectrum, passive cooling
HortiLED Inter              MH        1190         2.0
P.L. Light Systems          MH        1250         1.3                             G, W       Low-profile installations
NXT-LP2                  HPS/MH     601/546      1.9/1.7
P.L. Light Systems         LED     1830/1250     1.8/1.3                           G, W       1000W, electronic driver
NXT-II2                    LED          55         1.9
P.L. Light Systems         Fluor.      116         2.0                             G, W       Efficiency-focused
HSE 600W                                —           —
P.L. Light Systems                                                                 G, W       Efficient, 1000W fixture
HSE 1000W
P. L. Light Systems                                                                G, W       Full-spectrum
HSE Daylight
P.L. Light Systems PLX                                                             G, W       Durable, magnetic driver
Transcend T5 LED                                                                   P, T       Plug-and-play replacement bulbs
(per bulb)
Transcend Infinity                                                                 P, T Gapless or cabled daisy chain
T5 fluorescent                                                                     P, T

1G=Greenhouse, W=Warehouse, T=Tiered Production, P=Propagation, H=High Wire Crops
2Figures achieved with double-ended, 1000W bulb

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