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By Dennis Meisch,                              for Black Friday programs, with the right     End the season on a high note with Rhonda.
Live Goods Assistant Business Manager          combination of earliness, bract size and      This six-color family offers the vigor
Mild fall weather made for an especially       stem strength. For 2017, Prestige Early       growers need to finish a crop quickly, even
successful mum season here in the              Red has been improved for uniformity in       in larger containers. Rhonda has proven
Midwest. Each weekend, garden mums             timing—so, now there’s even more to love.     frost tolerance as well, and is best suited to
were practically flying out the door at many   Peppermint Ruffles is a standout among the    natural-season production.
retail stores due to the unseasonably warm     Ecke specialty varieties. This speckled pink
weather!                                       novelty type has been improved for 2017       NEW Rhonda Yellow garden mum
Poinsettia growers also benefitted from        with an eye toward aesthetics: Bracts are
the warmer temperatures this fall. Many        now showing earlier and darker “sprinkles.”   Dümmen has nine new varieties to offer for
saw lower fuel bills during this key stage of  Plant habit has also been improved for an     2017 under its Mystic Mums brand. All are
production. Plus, early-season deliveries      overall better presentation at retail.        additions to existing families, with three
went smoothly as growers were fighting         Selecta brings one new variety to market      new Sunbeam varieties and two each in the
only the traffic, not the weather, to bring    this year, an addition to its Christmas Joy   Daybreak, Magnum and Meridian families.
their crops to market this year.               series. New Christmas Joy Marble is a pink-
As any grower can attest, there’s no rest      and-white novelty color to complement the     NEW Sunbeam Apple Cider garden mum
for the weary! While you reflect on the        collection’s standard red, white and pink.
successes in your third- and fourth-           All Christmas Joy varieties offer a mid-      Vega Red is the only introduction from
quarter sales, it’s already time to look       November finish.                              Gediflora this year, but it’s a stunner.
ahead and start planning for the 2017                                                        Featuring decorative flowers in vibrant
season. No game plan is complete without       NEW Aria Red poinsettia                       burgundy-red, Vega Red displays excellent
considering what’s new in the breeding                                                       color retention and retail shelf life. Plants
world: Which new varieties will entice your    Finally, Syngenta Flowers checks in with      have a rounded habit and moderate
customers and keep your offering fresh?        two new reds. Aria Red is an early-season     vigor. This one’s recommended for larger
Which improvements will bring production       variety that’s perfect for mass-market        containers, including hanging baskets and
efficiencies or greater shelf appeal?          programs. It’s got a sturdy, V-shaped         bushel baskets.
What’s new in poinsettias                      habit that’s easy to sleeve and ship, and a   While 2016 gave mum and poinsettia
The poinsettia breeders have been busy,        robust root system for reliable growing and   growers quite a bit to smile about, it’s clear
with nearly 20 introductions across the        enduring shelf life.                          that we have much to look forward to this
four major brands: Dümmen-Red Fox,             Majoris Red from Syngenta Flowers is          year. Of course, early booking is key to
Dümmen-Ecke, Selecta and Syngenta              also suited to Thanksgiving sales with an     securing many new introductions. Get in
Flowers.                                       8½-week natural response. Plants display      touch with our team today to stake your
Dümmen-Red Fox leads the pack with 10          a beefy habit with large, deep red bracts.    claim!
new varieties for the new season, three        This one’s recommended for 6-inch pots
of which make up the all-new J’Adore           and larger. Majoris Red offers terrific heat
family of euphorbia hybrids. This grower-      tolerance, even in the Deep South.
friendly family offers a 7½-week natural-      What’s new in garden mums
season response, excellent branching and       Inspiration has been flowing among the
moderate vigor. J’Adore is recommended         mum breeders, too, with 26 new varieties
for 6- to 8-inch pots. Choose Pink, Pink       across the three major players: Dümmen,
Blush or Hot Pink—all striking colors with     Gediflora and Syngenta Flowers.
good heat tolerance.                           More than half of the new introductions
                                               come from Syngenta. Among them, two
NEW J’Adore Pink poinsettia                    all-new mum families: Nikki and Rhonda.
                                               Nikki debuts as a three-color collection
Under the Ecke brand, Dümmen is rolling        that replaces the Barbie family. It’s a
out four new varieties, additions to their     late-season family that works well in both
popular Princettia and Luv U families. Take    natural-season and blackcloth programs.
note, also, of two key improvements:           The Nikki varieties work well together in
Prestige Early Red is a grower favorite        combinations, and display frost tolerance
                                               for late-season longevity.

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