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PICTURED ABOVE: Sonora White Glitter
from Syngenta Flowers
from Syngenta Flowers

                               By Dennis Meisch, Live Goods Assistant Business Manager
                               Today’s poinsettias include more breadth than ever before—pinks, whites, salmons, plus
                               a practically infinite range of novelty types. It’s red, however, that remains the king. Red is
                               classic, it’s bold and it continues to dominate the market.
                               Considering its significance, and the sheer volume of red varieties from which to choose,
                               the question of “Which red is right for you?” warrants careful consideration. Your Griffin
                               sales representative can help you build your best poinsettia program – rooted or unrooted
                               – by working through these and other factors:
                               •	 Who’s your end customer?
                               •	 In which week(s) do your order(s) need to be delivered?
                               •	 Are you planning to grow under warm or cool conditions?
                               •	 What are your PGR preferences?
                               •	 Is strong shelf life a priority?
                               •	 Are you open to varieties that require poinsettia rings?
                               As you can see, color is just the beginning! Strategic variety selection can make a big
                               Many growers use poinsettia painting as a tool to differentiate themselves in this
                               commodity market. At their recent poinsettia trials and open house, N.G. Heimos
                               Greenhouses in Millstadt, Ill., gave a live demonstration of their painting process. The
                               presentation included an array of sprinkles, sparkles, bows and other festive touches.
                               With a keen eye and a little imagination, you can turn your next poinsettia crop into true
                               works of art—and command premium prices at retail.

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