Page 4 - 2017 Griffin Gazette Issue 4
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            That's a beautiful thing!

                                Earlier this year the Griffin team lost one of its finest members.
                                Bob was part of Griffin for more than 35 years, and worked in the
                                horticulture industry for most of his life.
                                His booming voice was unforgettable and resonated wherever
                                he was. In the office or at an event, you knew if Bob was there.
                                His laugh and positive attitude were contagious. As soon as he
                                met you, you were his friend. Bob was always willing to lend a
                                helping hand. He shared his knowledge with everyone he worked
                                with and was a mentor to many. His knowledge was rooted in a
                                lifetime of experience and there was often a story about how that
                                experience came to be. He was loyal to his customers and worked
                                hard to help them succeed.
                                Bob was a larger-than-life character with an undeniable impact.
                                For the better part of his career with Griffin, he was the driving
                                force behind many of our trade shows and events, making sure
                                the company was well represented. Bob was often the first to
                                arrive at an event in the morning, and the last to leave.
                                He loved his colleagues, but his love for his family was above
                                all else. Whenever Bob spoke of his family, it was with great
                                enthusiasm and pride.
                                Bob would always say, “That’s a beautiful thing!” As we reflect
                                on Bob’s memory and his impact, it’s fitting for such an uplifting
                                phrase to be synonymous with such an uplifting person.

                                           A memorial quilt
                                          created using 50

                                            of Bob’s Griffin
                                            shirts he wore
                                           over the years.

                               Bob in his
                                 pre-Griffin days
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