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the chemicals we sell. This is just one more example of how Griffin
                                                                 provides top-level service to our customers to ensure success long
                                                                 after the sales. We also offer an easy-to-use product that can be
                                                                 added to spray water to swiftly correct pH. Indicate 5 is a colorimetric
                                                                 additive that indicates pH with simple, easily distinguished solution
                                                                 colors. Indicate 5 is safe for use with edible and medicinal crops.
                                                                 If you are using a crop protection product that others find highly
                                                                 effective, but it doesn’t work well for you, talk to your Griffin sales
                                                                 person or customer service representative to get some Indicate 5 to
                                                                 verify target pH for the product in question.
                                                                 We have one more reminder about water quality: “Better” isn’t always
                                                                 better. Most folks would consider reverse osmosis (RO) water to be
                                                                 “better” than untreated water. However, when it comes to sprayers,
                                                                 the opposite is true. RO water is far worse for sprayers. Why? Water
                                                                 is a universal solvent. Reverse osmosis water is pure water, which
                                                                 makes it an extremely strong universal solvent. RO water is so strong
                                                                 of a solvent that it can actually be corrosive to sprayer componentry.
                                                                 Over time, this will reduce the life of your equipment and may leach
                                                                 unwanted materials into your spray solution. For this reason, avoid
                                                                 using RO water as the carrier in any spray equipment. Instead,
                                                                 use tap water. If your tap water carries a contaminant that makes
                                                                 it unsuitable for your crop, use purchased drinking water for your
                                                                 spray solution.

                                                                 When to change to stainless steel componentry
                                                                 Some useful and popular chemicals are naturally corrosive. The
                                                                 activated peroxygen ZeroTol 2.0 is one such product. These
                                                                 products can damage brass componentry with only a few uses. To
                                                                 avoid damaging your spray equipment, be sure to order stainless
                                                                 steel nozzles when you plan to use corrosive products. If you
                                                                 want to future proof your equipment and eliminate any chance for
                                                                 error, go with stainless steel regardless of planned use. A friendly
                                                                 reminder – using stainless steel componentry is not a mitigation
                                                                 strategy to allow use of RO water.  Never use RO water to mix
                                                                 spray solutions.

                                                                 A clean sprayer is a happy sprayer
                                                                 When it comes to sprayer maintenance and care, nothing is more
                                                                 important that properly cleaning the equipment immediately after
                                                                 each use. Be sure to follow the user manual for specific product
                                                                 needs. At a minimum, most tanks and solution paths should be
                                                                 rinsed and flushed with warm water and all nozzles wiped clean.
                                                                 Note that some equipment, such as PulsFOG, has a different
                                                                 cleaning routine. Always read and follow all product instructions.
                                                                 Allowing residual spray solution to sit in the tank can lead to clogged
                                                                 equipment, incompatibilities with future products or even severe
                                                                 corrosion and equipment failure.
                                                                 Inspect  spray  equipment  regularly  for  signs  of  damage  or  other
                                                                 malfunction. Be sure to replace oil, air filters and other componentry
                                                                 as suggested. Remember, this impacts your livelihood and your
                                                                 health. Take the time to treat the equipment right, and it will provide
                                                                 years of safe, effective performance.

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