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Labor savings with ULVs beat out   dense,  tall  canopies.  AutoFog,
            all other spray equipment options.   ColdFogger and PulsFOG can be used
            PulsFOG equipment can be handheld or   to encourage good distribution from
            cart mounted and is manually operated.   floor to gutter (remember the HAF fans).
            With fog dispersal up to 160 feet from   For HV equipment, look to carts with
            the nozzle, the PulsFOG equipment   larger capacity tanks and long hoses
            makes quick work of treating production   to help navigate the rows of crops.
            spaces. While the PulsFOG is fast, the   Retractable hoses are a great feature.
            AutoFog virtually eliminates spray labor
            when operated via the integrated timer.   Considerations for warehouse
                                              lettuce, greens and herb growers
            The newest option in the ULV family,   Warehouse production of greens and
            the TurboULV, is category buster: It’s a   herbs nearly always occurs in a tiered
            ColdFogger with particle size that spans   system. When strong lateral air flow is
            LV and ULV ranges. Small, nimble and   incorporated to  eliminate  dead  zones,
            portable, it accommodates nearly all   AutoFog equipment is a perfect choice
            chemicals and creates a fog path with a   and will eliminate the need to physically
            75 foot reach.                    apply spray to each level of production.
                                              For  the  nursery  area  (seedling
            There are a few limitations for ULV   stage), rely on HV sprayers for early,
            equipment. Vents must be closed and   preventative treatments.
            exhaust fans must be off during fogging
            to  ensure  that  particles  circulate  and   Considerations for warehouse
            settle on the targeted material in the   cannabis growers
            production space (tiny particles move   Cannabis growers should consider
            easily in air  currents and would be   their  expected  application  needs
            expelled from a greenhouse with active   and frequency when choosing spray
            venting). Under bright sun and warm   equipment. Given that proper lateral
            weather,  closing  a  greenhouse  for    airflow is present in the production
            several  hours  may   cause   an   rooms, mini AutoFog or the Turbo ULV
            unacceptable rise in temperature.   will be great options for efficiency,
            Additionally, proper lateral air flow within   efficacy and to minimize the addition of
            the production space is a necessity to   moisture to the rooms. Remember that
            ensure good chemical distribution. This   the HVAC system will need to be turned
            requires a well-designed HAF system,   off for a couple of hours for AutoFog use,
            which  some greenhouses  and many   so the treatment will need to be applied
            warehouse production spaces lack.   during the dark period. Pay attention to
            For warehouse production spaces,   how the humidity levels are managed
            neither the HVAC system nor oscillating   within the space. It might be best to set
            fans will provide the proper lateral   a timer to have the fogger come on after
            flow. Additionally, ULV equipment is   the room has reached equilibrium, i.e.,
            not  compatible  with  soaps,  oils  and   not right after the lights go out. An HV
            microencapsulated chemical formulations.   sprayer will also be a good investment.
                                              Small carts are especially nice for end-
            Considerations for greenhouse     of-crop sanitation routines. Backpack
            lettuce, greens and herb growers  sprayers are good for veg spaces and
            Float beds and NFT gutter systems   applying targeted calcium sprays.
            grow crops in a space-efficient manner,
            but make crop access challenging.   Considerations for greenhouse
            Consider the width of  your production   cannabis growers
            space and choose LV or ULV equipment   The cannabis growers tool box should
            that will facilitate crop treatment in   contain an HV sprayer and LV or ULV
            areas that cannot be easily reached. A   equipment. With crop sensitivity to
            simple hydraulic sprayer will be perfect   high humidity, a focus on LV and ULV,
            for application of preventative products   especially for applications during flower,
            at the seedling stage, a necessity for   is wise. AutoFog would be a fantastic
            prevention of downy mildew in basil. A   choice, with model selection based
            simple Solo-style pump action backpack   on size of the production spaces.
            sprayer  can be used, or upgrade to a   Remember that strong lateral air flow is
            battery-operated sprayer from Dramm.   required for AutoFog use. Plan to have
                                              a  cart  HV  sprayer  on  hand  for  end  of
            Considerations for greenhouse
            high wire crop growers            crop sanitation and for hot days when
                                              the greenhouse cannot be closed
            Greenhouse high wire crops present
                                              for fogging. u
                                                                                  Dramm AutoFog Sprayer
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