Page 15 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2018
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Some suggestions:                  grasses are best used in part or full shade,   Grass Variety  Vendors listing for 2018*
                                            they’re anything but dull!            Miscanthus      Emerald Coast Growers
         •  Miscanthus ‘Adagio’                                                   'Adagio'
           4-5' tall with narrow, arching green   •  Carex ‘Evergold’
           foliage; perfect for large containers  12" tall with narrow, creamy yellow             Hatchett Creek
         •  Miscanthus ‘Bandwidth’             leaves with dark green edges                       Magnolia Gardens
           2-3' tall with wonderful striped leaves;   •  Carex ‘Banana Boat’                      Plug Connection
           infertile, so no seed set           6-12" tall; showy with broad leaves                Poplar Ridge
         •  Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’         of lemon to banana yellow with                     Walla Walla Nursery
           3-5' tall with fine foliage with a   green stripes                     Miscanthus      Emerald Coast Growers
           wonderfully arching form          •  Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’            'Bandwidth'
         •  Panicum ‘Hot Rod’                  9-14" tall with lovely, cascading leaves   Miscanthus   Emerald Coast Growers
           36-40" tall; a red switch grass     of gold; bit more upright than others  'Morning Light'
           that turns red earlier than       •  Hakonechloa ‘Aureola’                             Oglesby Plants
           other Panicum                       14-18" tall; green-and-yellow                      Poplar Ridge
         And what’s a “thriller” without a “spiller?”   variegated leaves with cascading habit;   Sawyer Nursery
         Try Carex or Hakonechloa to fill this role in   PPA’s Perennial Plant of the Year        Walla Walla Nursery
         your star containers. While many of these   for 2009                                     Walters Gardens

                                                                                  Panicum 'Hot Rod'  Emerald Coast Growers
                                                             Morning Light miscanthus   Carex 'Evergold'  Aris Horticulture
                                                             from Walters Gardens
                                                                                                  Emerald Coast Growers
                                                                                                  Green Meadow Growers
                                                                                                  Hatchett Creek
                                                                                                  Magnolia Gardens
                                                                                                  Meridian Young Plants
                                                                                                  Pacific Plug and Liner
                                                                                                  Plug Connection
                                                                                                  Poplar Ridge
                                                                                                  Rancho Tissue
                                                                                                  Skagit Horticulture
                                                                                                  Sunshine Horticulture
                                                                                                  Walla Walla Nursery
                                                                                                  Walters Gardens
                                                                                  Carex 'Banana   Walters Gardens
                                                                                                  Walla Walla Nursery
                                                                                  Hakonechloa 'All   Poplar Ridge
                                                                                                  Emerald Coast Growers
                                                                                                  Magnolia Gardens
                                                               All Gold hakonechloa               Meridian Young Plants
        These mixed with other perennials (beautiful           from Walters Gardens
        Heuchera or Sedum, anyone?) or annuals                                                    Skagit Horticulture
        will make your mixed containers POP                                                       Walla Walla Nursery
        this year!                                                                                Walters Gardens
        While you’re considering what to change or                                Hakonechloa     Creek Hill Nursery
        resolve for 2018, consider installing a semi-                             'Aureola'
        permanent garden at your store to show                                                    Emerald Coast Growers
        your customers how to use the varieties                                                   Magnolia Gardens
        on your retail benches – and make sure                                                    Meridian Young Plants
        your employees are trained to point out
        specific plants and talk about them in the                                                Poplar Ridge
        display. People can’t always visualize how                                                Rancho Tissue
        the plants on your benches will actually                                                  Technologies
        look in their gardens, so your employees’                                                 Skagit Horticulture
        ability  to help  connect  those dots  can                                                Walla Walla Nursery
        have a dramatic role in boosting your sales
        for 2018.                                                                                 Walters Gardens
                                                                                 *Subject to Availability
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