Page 20 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2018
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Water quality and sprayers…

        what every

                                  should know

                                            By Tami Van Gaal, CEA Division Leader
                                            Several water quality factors can have a tremendous impact on sprayer performance. The
                                            first thing to consider is the pH of the spray solution. Spray water pH strongly impacts many
                                            chemicals by a process called alkaline hydrolysis, which is a fancy way of saying that a
                                            chemical change occurs when the pH is above a certain level. This change, or breakdown,
                                            can reduce the efficacy of the product, and the pH at which hydrolysis happens is specific
                                            to each chemical. For example, the optimum pH for Triathlon is 4-5, while the optimum pH
                                            for ZertoTol 2.0 is 5-7.
                                            Two immediate questions should come to mind. First, where can I get all the optimum pH
                                            information in one place? And, second, what’s an easy way to make sure my spray solution
                                            is at the proper pH? Fortunately, the Griffin team has you covered for both questions. Our
                                            technical team, GGSPro, maintains a bulletin that lists the optimum spray water pH for all

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