Page 14 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2018
P. 14

Make More Green

        with Ornamental Grasses

        By Beth Engle, Assistant Product Business Manager
        If your ideas about ornamental grasses start and end with Purple
        Fountain Grass, a whole other world is out there just waiting
        for you to explore it! And it’s not too late: Now is a great time to
        bring in your warm-season grasses, as they really don’t break
        dormancy and start growing until March or April, depending on
        your location.
        You can have a full perennial (and annual) program of ornamental
        grasses alone – many savvy growers and garden centers do!
        Consider expanding your palette of the grasses for both your
        monoculture containers as well as your mixed containers. Just
        because a plant is considered perennial doesn’t mean it can’t
        be used in mixed containers or treated like an annual. Recent
        market research indicates that consumers often don’t care as
        much about “perennial” and “annual” designations as we think
        they do, so don’t let those limit your creativity here.

                                            Aureola hakonechloa from
                                            Walters Gardens

                                                                                                         miscanthus from
                                                                                                         Emerald Coast

                                                                Need a “thriller” for the center of a mixed container? Here are
                                                                some fantastic options. They may or may not flower in containers,
        Bonus       Digital Content                             but they’ll add texture and color interest as the seasons change,
                                                                and the plants change with the seasons.
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