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Today’s retail

            analysts and store

            design teams


            pursue new looks

            and stronger store

            penetration models

            in all segments                    display. Consumers were literally awed   fixtures share some common elements
                                                                                  in  style,  color  and  functionality.  National
                                               by the size of the plant-protection
            of retailing.                      department and the staggering number   retailers don’t display 20-25 standalone
                                                                                  displays in their stores for this reason.
                                               of product choices. It took extra support
                                               staff stationed in the aisle to make    Designs are consistent and repetitious.
                                               the sale!
                                                                                  Grocery  shopping  is  an  experience  in
                                               Today, those staff members are mostly   defining the senses; take notice of how
            Track shopper satisfaction         gone.  Inventory  levels  and  triplicate   they compete for consumer footsteps.
            Social  media  has  taught  us  valuable   selections have thankfully disappeared.   They attack your senses from the time
            lessons in how quickly word can spread,
            both favorably and unfavorably. It’s the   What’s emerged is a tighter, more   you enter the store’s gateway. Lighting
            “voice” of retailing, believe it or not.  focused effort on selling. Streamlining   changes are  shown  by  installation  of
                                               our chemistry with more general-use   accent lighting against perimeter displays
            The  Nielsen Company is  the  leading   products (and fewer of them) reduces   or new LED strip lighting inside display
            validator of television audience capture   confusion and option paralysis for    or  fixture  cabinets.  Products  are  staged
            and  composition.  Their  research  has   our customers.              and  aligned  to  make  a  more  complete
            the ear (and wallet) of many advertisers   Simplifying our approach comes with   shopping experience. Many components
            wanting to slot commercials at optimal   some retailer rewards, too. It’s much   are assembled together to show the
            times to get the greatest return. Are we   easier to work with a larger single vendor   finished products, too! I compare it to
            any different? The look  and mood of a                                ladies shopping for the entire outfit: dress,
            good shopping environment is critical for   for product display purposes, advertising,   shoes, purse, outer garment and jewelry.
            reaching our sales potential.      ordering and product knowledge. Our   It  whispers  to  the  consumer  and  says,
                                               industry put the “special” in specialty   “Buy me.”
            JD Power and Gartner, Inc., are agencies   products. We created products for
            that measure a vendor’s performance and   everything until we ran out of space on   Every year, we have new products in our
            value to the consumer. Marketing surveys   the shelf. Confusion was king back in   expanding world of plant genetics, pottery
            take into account how consumers use   the 1980s. However, an amazing statistic   and professional soils. Plan to show and
            their cell phones for reporting purposes.   emerged when we reduced selections:   sell your best combinations together to
            With a decade of comments and product   It increased sales and focus on what   spark customers’ imaginations and get
            evaluations coming from Facebook,   remained. It  also  reduced  inventory   them excited about what’s possible in and
            Twitter and various chat apps, this   and increased efficiency for reordering   around their homes.
            feedback  is  used  to  define  and  refine   purposes. A win-win!    Prioritize positive experiences
            the shopping experience. It’s firmly   Merchandising mechanics        In today’s retail environment, nothing can
            entrenched in our daily lives. Everything is
            judged and rated.                  How and where we merchandise goes   replace good customer service. Positive
                                               a long way toward sales success. How   customer experiences can take many
            In a recent article from Business Insider,   we drive our customers to the point of   forms, some of which are unspoken such
            Kroger is experimenting in prototype   decision takes some planning. Retailers   as store cleanliness, adequate staffing on
            displays using strategic RFID shelf talkers   today open aisles to see better and limit   busy days and opening extra registers to
            on  end  caps  to  suggest  products  to   obstructions to increase sightlines.  lessen the wait at checkout. Clear and
            consumers as they pass by. The product   Installations of new “transition” flooring in   easy-to-see directional signage, and staff
            message is sent to the Kroger mobile app.   a contrasting color or texture is common    uniforms that make your employees easy
            They’re still gathering data on the initiative,   in renovated retail settings. Doing so   to identify are other great examples.
            but preliminary results are promising.
            Kroger is expected to expand these   defines  and  differentiates  spaces,  Even the simplest form of retail selling,
            into additional stores due to upticks in    and facilitates exploration. Colored   showing an accurate selling price on or
                                               perimeter walls separate categories
                                                                                  with the products, contributes to a positive
            product sales.
                                               and departments to help trigger the   in-store experience. Agree or not, today’s
            Simplify and scale                 consumer’s in-store destination quickly.  brick-and-mortar continues to exist
            Back in the day, garden centers                                       because of the consumer experience.
            purchased a huge array of chemicals to   Display  fixtures  are  offered  in  colors   Plan on it for the right reasons, not only to
                                               besides white or beige. Standalone
            sell on an enormous wall or multi-gondola                             survive, but to thrive.
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