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        vol. 35 • Issue 2   |  2018              IT’S A BIG DEAL:


        Toll-Free Order Line
        1.800.659.4346                          The Griffin Expos are Coming!
        General Inquiries
        Aurora, CO
        Cheshire, CT                            August 28-29, 2018, Worcester, MA
        Stafford Springs, CT
        Ball Ground, GA                         September 26-27, 2018, Lancaster, PA
        Tewksbury, MA
        Gray, ME
        Bridgeton, NJ
        Ewing, NJ                               The Griffin Expos are well known   kiosks.  We’ve  partnered  with
        Auburn, NY                              for  big  savings, new  products  and   event-technology leader Cvent to
        Brookhaven, NY                          educational opportunities. They’ve   completely reinvent Expo check-in.
        Schenectady, NY                         been a tradition for growers and   Our goal is to minimize your check-
        Morgantown, PA                          retailers, kicking off a new growing   in wait, and maximize your time to
        Knoxville, TN                           season for more than 30 years. This   take in everything the Expos have to
        Richmond, VA
                                                year, they get even better.    offer! Of course, Griffin staff will be
                                                                               right there to lend a hand or answer
        LIVE-GOODS LOCATIONS                    We’re upgrading many aspects of the   your questions.
        General Inquiries                       Expos to bring you a best-in-class
        1.800.323.7253                          show experience. From start to finish,   New, better, more
        Lisle, IL                               you’ll find more to love and more   The  Expos  are  the  perfect  place
                                                ways to help your business flourish in
                                                                               to  check  out  what’s  new  for  2019.
        Morgantown, PA
                                                the season ahead.              Both shows feature row after row of
                                                                               top manufacturers, plant breeders
        GRIFFIN 2018 EXPO DATES                 Griffin will host two Expo events this   and young-plant producers. Each
                                                year. The Expo comes first to the
        August 28-29, 2018                      DCU Center in Worcester, Mass.,   exhibitor’s booth is a chance to
        DCU Center, Worcester, MA               on August 28-29. Then, we’re in   discover a new product, new variety
        September 26-27, 2018                   Lancaster, Penn., at the Lancaster   or new technology that’s just right for
        Lancaster Cty. Conv. Ctr., Lancaster, PA   County  Convention  Center,  on  your operation.
                                                September 26-27.               Our 2018 vendor lineup promises to
                                                                               be our most diverse yet.  Attendees
             MORE TO SEE ONLINE                 Enter here                     will find new vendors and expanded
                                                The first thing you’ll notice is our
        See the digital Gazette on our website   streamlined registration process. One   selection in tons of product categories
        for bonus articles on plants, technical                                including growing media, decorative
        support and more!                       visit to our website (  planters for growers and retailers,
                                                griffin-expo) is all you need to sign-up
        All articles and material featured in this   for the Expos, hotel rooms and pre-  garden and gift items, and more.
        Gazette cannot be duplicated without                                   Did somebody say workshops?
        written permission.  Copyright © 2018   Expo workshops. (Workshops? Keep
        Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, Inc.       reading to learn more!)        Education is big at the Expos, with
                                                                               learning opportunities on and off the
                                                When you arrive at the show,   show floor. Stock up on information,
                                                you’ll spot our new self-service

        Cover Photo: NEW Tattoo Raspberry vinca
        from Pan American Seed

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