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CLASS OF 2019:

                                 Most Likely to Succeed

                   By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager
                   14 locations. 20 Griffin sales reps and managers. 31 breeding companies. 400 miles and nearly 400
                   new plant introductions for the 2018-19 season.
                   That, in a nutshell, is this year’s California Spring Trials (CAST). OK, that last number was an estimate –
                   and probably a low one. Let’s just say it’s a lot more than we can cover in a single Gazette article. But
                   that’s alright: Part of our job is to cut through the clutter so you don’t have to. So, here are the brightest
                   highlights, the top intros from the top breeders that you just gotta see.
                   And the award for Most New Varieties goes to…
                   Syngenta Flowers was our first stop, and probably the most prolific with regard to new varieties: I counted
                   well over 100 this year!
                   Leading the pack is a new series of hybrid geraniums called Moxie!. (The explanation point is part of
                   the name, driving home just how much moxie this compact geranium exudes!) If you love Calliope
                   geraniums, with all that vigor and incredible color, but find them challenging to manage in pot sizes
                   under 6", you have two options: Solution #1 is Calliope Medium. This subset of the Calliope family offers
                   more controlled vigor and is suited to high-density programs quarts or gallons. Solution #2 is Moxie!.
                   The six-color series delivers bountiful color on well-branched plants, perfectly sized for 4" and quart
                   pots. It’s easier to manage in high-density, and just as colorful for the home gardener.
                   Looking for something extra special? Try Pretty Little Pink Splash geranium. Discovered in the same
                   hybrid breeding program, Pretty Little is a heavily branched plant that throws tons of uniquely bicolored
                   flowers. It’s perfect for baskets and tabletop patio planters.
                   Don’t worry: The Calliope breeding program is alive and well! Syngenta Flowers added two new colors
                   to Calliope Medium, and six new colors to Calliope Large.

                   Top Image: Superbells Holy Cow! calibrachoa from Proven Winners

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