Page 5 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
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Superbells Doublette
                                                            Love Swept calibrachoa
                                                            from Proven Winners

                                                                                   Big Blue salvia from PanAmerican Seed

            Cabrio is Syngenta’s all-new calibrachoa   Top picks must always include new
            series. Carefully selected for uniformly   colors  in Superbells calibrachoa, and
            early flowering in 10½–hour days, Cabrio   this year we have seven. As with all
            provides  early  color  when  you  need  it   Superbells, the new colors were selected
            most. It’s more compact than the popular   for the disease resistance and summer
            Callie series, with a mounded and well-  garden  performance  we’ve  come
            branched habit. Six colors available for   to expect.
                                               Superbells Cardinal Star and Evening
            In the March issue of the Gazette, we   Star are red and purple, respectively, with
            introduced you to Syngenta Flowers’   glowing yellow star patterns. For a tricolor
            new Delta Speedy pansy, Deltini viola   look, check out Holy Cow! and Holy
            and Snaptini dwarf snapdragon – all new   Smokes! – both star-patterned colors
            series. At CAST, Syngenta also debuted   feature white speckles and yellow throats.
            a  new  interspecific  begonia  series   Tangerine Punch replaces Apricot Punch;
            named Tophat. (Think “top hat,” not “too   its rich-looking orange flowers are   Cabrio Grape calibrachoa from
            fat.”) This green-leaf series produces   accented with a dark red eye.  Syngenta Flowers
            extra-large  flowers  on  vigorous,  well-
            branched and mounded plants. It’s great   Proven Winners introduced two double-
                                               flowered Superbells last year. Now, they’re
            in containers and landscapes. Tophat   back with two more: Double Chiffon is a
            launches  with  three colors, all easy-to-
            manage in production in jumbo packs up to   soft lemon yellow. Doublette Love Swept is a
            3-gallon pots.                     vivid pink, contrasted by a white picotee edge.
                                               The top new Supertunia petunia variety
            A beautiful setting for beautiful
            annuals                            is  Vista  Paradise.  The  Vista  types  are
            Proven Winners returned to Kirigin   vigorous spreaders with  a taller habit
            Cellars Winery in Gilroy, Calif., to stage   than standard Supertunia, designed to
            their CAST display. It’s become a favorite   dazzle in the landscape. Paradise is a
                                               watermelon pink that’s well-matched to
            stop on the north end of the CAST route,
            a beautiful setting for so many beautiful   the already-popular Vista Bubblegum.
            plants. The Proven Winners group   My other top pick in Proven Winners
            showed off more than 60 introductions,   annuals is Diamond Mountain, a super-
            not counting 20 new ColorChoice shrubs,    sized, high-vigor euphorbia. It’s a solid   Moxie! Scarlet geranium from Syngenta Flowers
            for 2019.                          combo component that’ll stand up to

                                                                    Pretty Little Pink
                                                                    Splash geranium   Cabrio Eclipse Lilac calibrachoa
                             Diamond Mountain euphorbia             from Syngenta   from Syngenta Flowers
                             from Proven Winners                    Flowers
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