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their successes with their winnings, inspiring further engagement
         and interest in our sweeps products. (Interested in partnering with
         us? Contact Bruce Adams at
         Garden photo contests have offered Black Gold customers
         another opportunity to win while showing off their beautiful
         gardens and produce! These have proven to be a great way to
         show how average gardeners find success with Black Gold.
         (Visit to get our latest
         contest and sweepstakes updates.)

                                                                                  DEHN'S FLOWERS, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY

         Trade Ads and Improved Shelf Presence                            Answers
         Gro Your Own ads in retail trade magazines reinforce brand and
         product messaging boosting campaign visibility and leverage.        from experts
         Growing Business High-Performing OMRI Listed Mixes
         and Amendments
         Gardening success starts with great soil, and success yields repeat
         customers. Our diverse OMRI Listed mixes and amendments are
         proven to help gardeners increase food production, naturally and
         organically. And select products contain sustainably sourced and
         innovative ingredients, such as coconut coir, earthworm castings,
         and proprietary blend of endomycorrhizae. Our mixes also contain
         Sun Gro’s patented Silicon RESiLIENCE . Retailers and gardeners
         can also visit the new Sun Gro website ( and
         product database to find natural and organic products that best
         fit their needs.
         Eleven OMRI Listed mix and soil amendment skus will be
         promoted in the Gro Your Own campaign:

         1.  Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix (with RESiLIENCE)
         2.  Black Gold Seedling Mix (with RESiLIENCE)
         3.  Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Mix (with
            RESiLIENCE)                                            Wishing
         4.  Fafard Natural & Organic Potting Soil (with RESiLIENCE)
         5.  Sunshine Natural & Organic Professional Growing Mix (with                nufArm
                                                                                •  Arden Bull        •
         6.  Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 Growing Mix (with RESiLIENCE)
         7.  Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend (with RESiLIENCE)                    expert
                                                                    Arden Bull of Nufarm is retiring after 48 years in the
         8.  Sunshine Advanced Ultra Coir (with RESiLIENCE)
                                                                    industry. Since 1969 he has worked in ag, turf and
         Soil Amendments                                            greenhouse chemical sales and technical support.
                                                                       At Nufarm, we believe knowledge grows success.
         9.  Black Gold Just Coir                                   Arden has built trusted relationships with greenhouse
                                                                       And since our team is committed to your growing
         10.  Black Gold Earthworm Castings                         and nursery growers across the United States. Please
                                                                        success, we want to share all we know with you.
                                                                    join us in wishing him a long and happy retirement.
         11.  Black Gold Garden Compost Blend
                                                                       ControllInG funGus GnAts,
                                                                           thrIps And whIteflIes

                                                                           What treatments would you recommend for
                                                                           controlling fungus gnats, thrips and whiteflies?
                                                                           Combating ornamental pests is crucial to ensure
                                                                           important crops such as poinsettias, pansies, and
                                                                      chrysanthemums remain healthy and ready for the
                                                                      season. Growers need to have a successful preventive
                                                                      program in place to best control insect pests.
                                                                      We recommend the following for fungus gnats:
                                                                      Safari : Long residual drench (six weeks)
                                                                      Gnatrol : Drench the soil area
                                                                      Distance  IGR: Excellent control product
                                                                      We recommend the following for thrips:
                                                                      TriStar : Use as a translaminar on adults
                                                                      Safari : Long residual drench (six weeks)
                                                                      Overture : Excellent on thrips, different mode of action
                                                                      We recommend the following for whiteflies:
                                                                      Safari : Controls Q- and B-biotypes, drench for residual
                                                                      Menace : Spray only on adults, no phytotoxicity problems
                                                                      Distance  IGR: Good on immatures, drench or spray
                                                                      TriStar : Spray only as translaminar, rotate with Safari
                                                                         Learn how our products and our people
                                                                          can help you grow a better tomorrow.
                                                                                 3336  eG  /  emBlem
                                                                              sAfArI   /  sureGuArd  sC
                                                               ©2016 Nufarm. Important:  Always read and follow label
                                                                       instructions. TriStar® is a trademark of Nippon Soda Co, Ltd. 3336®, Emblem™, and Menace®
                                                                       are trademarks of Nufarm. Gnatrol® is a trademark of  Valent BioSciences Corporation.
                                                                       Distance®, Overture®, Safari®, and SureGuard® are trademarks of Valent U.S.A. Corporation.
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