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New Today,
                                            Sold Tomorrow!
Image Caption: Kwik Kombos Blue Breeze Mix

By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager                                  Pentas is a beautiful garden performer with loads of flowers adored
                                                                       by humans and pollinators alike. We have a few new introductions
For me, the most exciting plant purchase is the impulse buy—the        this year. First, a new seed series called Lucky Star. A compact-
plant that screams, “You know you can’t live without me! Take me       growing bedding type, Lucky Star’s best feature is that it’ll set its
home!” The plants I already know and love will make it into my cart    next set of blooms right on top of the old flowers; covering the
in a pack or a 4-inch pot. But for me to be drawn to a plant I don’t   spent blooms and maintaining its compact habit. This is great for
know, it has to be stunning. Grow it bigger, put it in an interesting  the grower and retailer as it extends shelf life on the bench. It’s also
container or into a unique combo and I can’t resist it.                terrific for the gardener and landscaper as it keeps the color impact
                                                                       throughout the season. Lucky Star can be sold in color in 804s up
With an eye turned toward impulse sales, here are some new             to quarts, one plant per pot…or put three plants in a 6-inch pot for
varieties to consider for their head-turning potential. Today’s fresh  a tremendous show of color.
new introductions could become your top sellers in 2018!
                                                                       If you’re looking for a bit more impact from pentas, here are two
Heat-loving superstars                                                 vegetative series that deserve your consideration: Starcluster and
For most folks in most regions, summers are hot—and sometimes          Falling Star. Each offers unique attributes to turn heads and drive
dry. Home gardeners and landscapers need plants that will tolerate     those sought-after impulse sales.
both. Pentas are extremely popular in the South because of their
reliable summer performance. We’re seeing more and more pentas         Starcluster is a tetraploid with huge, showy blooms and strong,
in the North, and we have some sensational new series from which       upright stems. Use Starcluster alone in 5- or 6-inch pots, or
to choose. If you can sell vinca in your market, you can sell pentas.  in combination with other heat lovers like scaevola, angelonia

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