Choose the Right Fertilizer for Your Cannabis

Choosing the right fertilizer for your cannabis crop can seem like a daunting task. Countless fertilizer formulations target this crop – how do you differentiate? Quality and consistency are two important considerations to start with. The Plant-Prod MJ line of fertilizers from Master Plant-Prod provides blends that are scientifically optimized and rigorously tested, ensuring quality products for healthy, high-yielding crops. The Plant-Prod MJ line consists of six blended fertilizers intended to be used in series for complete cannabis nutrition throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Cal-Kick 15-0-14 – This high calcium blend of nitrogen, calcium, and potassium contains a full micronutrient package and can be used throughout veg and flower. When used in combination with other MJ line products, Cal-Kick is intended to be the primary source of calcium in this program.

Grow 12-8-26 – During the veg stage of production, nitrogen supplementation is key. Growers should utilize Grow and Cal-Kick in combination to support strong vegetative growth and healthy plant structure prior to entering the flowering stage.

Bloom 10-30-20 – During the flowering stage of cannabis, additional phosphorus and potassium can support bud set and fill, while added magnesium and full micronutrient package supports continued chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.

Boost 15-30-15 – Used early in production, this high phosphorus formulation supports strong root production in clones.

Spike (CaMg) – Cannabis benefits from additional calcium and magnesium during most stages of production. The chelated calcium and magnesium offered by MJ Spike allows growers to supplement just these two nutrients at any time without affecting the nutrient balance of the rest of the program.

Turbidity, or clarity, of mixed fertilizer solution is an important quality consideration. When cloudiness remains after vigorous mixing, this indicates insoluble solids remaining suspended in solution. Insoluble solids can deposit on filters, injectors, emitter openings, and inside of irrigation tubing, which leads to clogging issues over time.

The Plant-Prod MJ line of fertilizers delivers quality you can see. Master Plant-Prod’s use of only the highest quality inputs results in formulations that dissolve fully into solution, resulting in completely clear mixes. These fully dissolved fertilizer elements are more available for plant use, leading to an all-around more efficient, cleaner fertilizer plan. Ask your Griffin sales rep or the GGSPro team for more information today!