Controlled Environment Agriculture Experts

Griffin partners with customers to offer access to a wide assortment of experts in many areas. These experts come together to create full solutions to meet the unique needs of each operation and enhance customer success. Examples of some areas of expertise follow:

Construction Services

The production and construction experts on the CEA team at Griffin can help guide your build or renovation project with the end in mind. We support clean room builds, indoor builds and greenhouse projects. Our vast experience means that we anticipate and avoid problems. We allow the crop and production strategy to drive our recommendations, allowing us to drawn from our toolbox of leading vendor partners to create the perfect plan for you.

Production solutions for vegetable crops

Tomatoes and peppers are primary greenhouse crops for CEA growers. Griffin supports operations of all sizes growing all types of vegetables. Whether you are growing in slabs or buckets, in coir perlite or rockwool, for local restaurants or regional/national distribution, Griffin can provide solutions that will improve your production and maintain profitability

Production solutions for medicinal crops

Griffin’s CEA team brings horticultural practices to the cannabis arena. In doing so, we simplify and streamline production, improve operational efficiencies and improve crop health with proven crop protection strategies. Along the way, we coach and educate growers with foundational knowledge to help grow better crops. From injectors and drip irrigation to fertilizers and BCAs, the experts at Griffin will help you change how you grow and manage your crop.

Production solutions for vertical growing

Vertical grow operations represent the most complex of controlled environments. Popular for urban agriculture, success in a vertical grow requires special attention to lighting and HVAC systems. Additionally, optimized fertility becomes an important part of the IPM strategy to minimize plant stress leading to pest outbreaks. Crop protection is key in this environment. The CEA Team at Griffin offers solutions that make vertical grow operations produce top quality crops and maintain efficiency.

ICM, IPM and BCA plans for crop protection

Best management practices call for an integrated approach to crop management. Whether framed as integrated crop management (ICM) or integrated pest management (IPM), recommendations from GGSPro will address optimizing overall crop health as a strategy to decrease pest pressure from insects, mites and diseases. Additionally, the CEA team brings expertise in biological control agents (BCAs), a key tool for insect and mite management in many CEA crops.

Fertility programs for conventional and organic operations

All growers recognize that crop nutrition has a direct impact on growth and yield. What many growers fail to recognize is that crop nutrition also impacts susceptibility to pests. When recommending a fertility program for your crops, GGSPro will start by understanding both your water quality and the production system planned for the crop. From there, rates and formulations will be recommended to build a strong crop. Our toolbox includes conventional water soluble products, conventional controlled release products, liquid organic products, organic slow release products and supplements. Let us build the perfect fertility program for you.