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Leveraging marketing for powerful recruting

GPN Magazine
Living in a post-pandemic world, we know the power and... Read more

Irrigation with Technology

GPN Magazine
Irrigation pros give us an update on systems tech and what's coming... Read more

How Biocontrol Agent Release Technologies for the Greenhouse Are Evolving

Greenhouse Grower
Biological control agents (BCAs), beneficial insects, mite, and insect... Read more

Top Greenhouse Powdery Mildew Control Strategies You Need to Know

Greenhouse Grower
Powdery mildew pathogens represent a group of different fungal species... Read more

Converting From Poultry Production to Hemp

GPN Magazine
Thriving in the nontraditional, Southern Realm is using perspectives... Read more

Griffin Tech Specialist Earns Pest Control Advisor License in California

GPN Magazine
Griffin is pleased to announce the addition of a California Agricultural Pest Control Adviser (PCA) on staff... Read more

Pride's Corner Farms is Building on a Strong Legacy

Greenhouse Grower
If there’s one thing that has been clear throughout the 40-plus year history of Prides Corner Farms, it’s that innovation never stops. Through technology investment to matching variety selection with consumer demand, the Lebanon, CT-based company... Read more

The Big Three - Botrytis, Powdery Mildew & HPLVD

GPN Cannabis Guide
Several factors can affect the production of a healthy cannabis crop — diseases being among the most common and difficult to control once established. GPN recently caught up with Tami Van Gaal and Erica Hernandez, CEA specialists at Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, to learn how growers can identify, control and prevent the three most common diseases... Read more

Ways Microbial Insecticides Can Fit in Your Plant Pest Program

Greenhouse Grower
The number of microbial insecticides labeled for greenhouses and nurseries continues to expand. Why consider microbial insecticides? The list of attributes is attention-getting... Read more

Preventing Disease in Propagation

Grower Talks
Many growers start crops from unrooted cuttings. High humidity and warm temperatures in propagation promote rooting, but can also promote disease. Disease progression in propagation can be swift, so it’s important to recognize and treat problems quickly and consider preventative treatments. Read more

Dynamic Duo

Grower Talks
Tips on hose you can get the most out of your water quality and fertilizer programs Read more

Retrofitting a Greenhouse for Hemp

GPN Magazine
When Connecticut-based Hydroclonix began transitioning an 80,000-square-foot greenhouse into a hemp cultivation facility, the company enlisted the experience of COO and lead cultivator Joe Conklin and the expertise of Griffin Greenhouse Supplies’ technical team to make its vision come true. Read more

Hemp Deal a Growth Opportunity
for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouse Grower
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies and Front Range Biosciences have announced a sales and distribution partnership for hemp plants and seeds. Read more

Innovation in Action

GPN Magazine
Horticulture isn’t exactly the most tech savvy of industries. Growers oftentimes are slow to change, but implementing a new process, piece of equipment or technique can make a world of a difference. We spoke with three growers to discuss what changes they’ve made in production to improve efficiencies and remain profitable. Read more

8 Considerations for Hemp Production in the Greenhouse

Greenhouse Grower
Hemp has captured the attention of the greenhouse industry. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for legal hemp production in the U.S. and a slew of growers are exploring what it takes to grow hemp both inside and outside the greenhouse. Read more